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Phonics Worksheets
Long and Short Vowels
Short A Vowel Sound

With these files, your students will practice reading and writing words with the short a vowel sounds. Printables include word and picture sorts, a phonics card game, cut-and-glue activities, reading sliders, and more.

Long A Vowel Sound

All of the printable activities in this unit features words that have the long a vowel sound. There are word wheels, card games, cut-and-paste activities, coloring worksheets, and much more.

Short A & Long A (Mixed)

The worksheets on this page have words with both the short a and long a vowel sounds. These printable games and worksheets require students to sort or differentiate between the two sounds.

Short E Vowel Sound

Help students write and read words with the short e vowel sound. This page has tracing worksheets, reading spinners, paste-and-cut projects, and puzzles.

Long E Vowel Sound

Our long e page has a variety of learning center activities, cutting and gluing activities, as well as word sorts.

Short E & Long E (Mixed)

This page has a collection of printable worksheets and games featuring words with short e and long e vowel sounds.

Short I Vowel Sound

Focus on the short i vowel sound with these printable phonics worksheets.

Long I Vowel Sound

These printable phonics worksheets feature words that have a long i vowel sound. There are cut-and-glue activities, word wheels, word sliders, and more.

Short I & Long I (Mixed)

The worksheets on this page have words with both the long i and short i vowel sounds. These printables require your students to sort between the two sounds.

Short O Vowel Sound

This set of phonics worksheets teaches students about the short o sound.

Long O Vowel Sound

This collection of printable phonics worksheets highlight words that have a long o vowel sound.

Short O & Long O (Mixed)

Differentiate between words with the long o vowel sound and those with a short o vowel sound with this selection of phonics worksheets.

Short U Vowel Sound

The short u vowel sound is the focus of these printable mini-books, games, and worksheets.

Long U Vowel Sound

These printable worksheets are designed to have students read and learn about words that have a long u sound.

Short U & Long U (Mixed)

Students can explore the differences between the long u and short u vowel sounds in words.

Consonant Sounds
Consonant B b

Worksheets, mini-books, and games that focus on the consonant letter b.

Consonant C c

Printable games, worksheets, and mini-books that focus on the consonant letter c.

Consonant D d

Print these worksheets that focus on the consonant letter d.

Consonant F f

Worksheets to help students learn the letter f.

Consonant G g

With these worksheets, students will learn the sounds made by the letter g.

Consonant H h

Worksheets, mini-books, and printable games that focus on the letter h.

Consonant J j

Complete set of worksheets for the consonant letter j.

Consonant K k

Materials for teaching students about the sound made by the letter k.

Consonant L l

Learn about the consonant letter l with these printable worksheets.

Consonant M m

Worksheets, printable mini-books, and card games for the consonant letter m.

Consonant N n

Print worksheets, games, mini-books, and activities for the letter n.

Consonant P p

Practice the sound made by the letter p with these printable classroom activities.

Consonant Q q

Master the sound made by the letters qu with these worksheets.

Consonant R r

Printable worksheets, mini-books, and games for the letter r.

Consonant S s

The consonant letter s is the focus of this phonics worksheet set.

Consonant T t

Mini-books, worksheets, and more on this letter t page.

Consonant V v

Worksheets for teaching students about the letter v.

Consonant W w

Word sorts, cut-and-glue activities, and printables for teaching the /w/ sound.

Consonant X x

Here are several activities for learning the /x/ sound.

Consonant Y y

Yes, you can learn to read about yo-yos, yaks, yolks, and yarn with the /y/ worksheets.

Consonant Z z

Use these worksheets and games to practice reading words with the /z/ sound.

Consonant Digraphs
Digraph: CH

Practice the /ch/ sound with these worksheets and activities.

Digraph: SH

Learn to say and read the /sh/ sound with these printable worksheets and activities.

Digraph: TH

Learn the two different ways to read and say /th/ with this collection of printables.

Digraph: WH

Practice reading words with the /wh/ sound.

Digraphs: Ch- and Sh- (Mixed)

These worksheets will help your students learn to differentiate between the /ch/ and /sh/ sounds and spellings.

Two-Letter Blends
Blend Family: L-Family Blends

This phonics unit has many printable worksheets featuring words with the L-family blend such as: bl-, cl-, fl-, gl-, pl-, and sl-.

Blend Family: R-Family Blends

Printable worksheets for teaching students to read and write basic words that begin with the letters br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr.

Blend: BL

Read and write words with the /bl/ sound.

Blend: BR

Use these printable activities to help teach students about the BR consonant blend.

Blend: CL

Use the printable activities on this page to help students practice the CL consonant blend.

Blend: CR

These printable activities can be used to help teach students about the CR consonant blend.

Blend: DR

A wide-selection of worksheets and activities for students to learn about the DR consonant blend.

Blend: FL

This unit contains words that have start with the /fl/ sound. Words include: flamingo, flashcards, Florida, floss, flute, fly, flag, flame, and flower.

Blend: FR

Use these worksheets to help teach students to read words with the /fr/ sound.

Blend: GL

Print out the phonics worksheets and activities on this page so your students can learn about words with the GL consonant blend.

Blend: GR

Use these printable phonics worksheets and activities to help students learn words with a /pr/ sound. Includes the words: grapes, grass, green, and grill.

Blend: PL

Students will use this wide array of worksheets and activities to help learn about words with the /pl/ sound.

Blend: PR

This unit is devoted to words with the PR consonant blend. You will find many different worksheets and activities for students to practice reading, writing, and identifying their PR words.

Blend: SC

Teach your students about words with the SC consonant blend with this phonics unit. Words in this unit include: scout, scare, scope, scoot, scarecrow, scarf, and scoop.

Blend: SK

When teaching your students about the SK consonant blend, you will find all kinds of printables, such as: a word wheel, cut-and-glue activities, writing activities, flashcards, and more!

Blend: SL

Use sentences, activities and mini-books to help deliver the SL sound.

Blend: SN

Try reading and writing words with the /sn/ sound.

Blend: SP

Check out the wide selection of printable games, activities, and worksheets featuring words with the SP consonant blend (ex: spin, spy, spell, spring, and space.

Blend: ST

Teach students to read words with the /st/ sound.

Blend: SW

This unit highlighting SW words has all kinds of printable worksheets including a word search puzzle, word slider, word wheel, flashcards, cut-and-glue activities, and more!

Blend: TR

Teach students about the TR consonant blend with these printable activities, puzzles, and worksheets.

Three-Letter Blends
Blend: SCR

Check out our collection of /scr/ blend worksheets and activities.

Blend: SHR

These worksheets, activities, and other printables are helpful for teaching students about the /shr/ blend.

Blend: SPL

Our /spl/ worksheets include a word wheel, word slider, matching activity, card game, and more!

Blend: SPR

Go to this page to see all of our worksheets on the three-letter blend /spr/.

Blend: SQU

Check out our /squ/ worksheets with words like squirm, squeak, and square.

Blend: STR

Practice reading and writing words with the /str/ sound.

Blend: THR

Our /thr/ worksheets feature words such as throne, thrill, throat, and more.

R-Controlled Vowels
R-Controlled Vowel Sound: /är/ as in Car

These printable worksheets feature words with the r-controlled vowel sound /är/. This sound is usually spelled with the letters ar and is found in words like car, start, and march.

R-Controlled Vowel Sound: /âr/ as in Bear

This page has t-chart sorting worksheets, dabber worksheets, flashcards, and more. Words in this series include: air, there/there, pear, square, stare/stair, bear, and hair/hare.

R-Controlled Vowel Sound /îr/ as in Deer

This page has circle-the-word worksheets, dabber activities, word wheels, and flashcards. Words in this set include deer, fear, hear/here, cheer, and rear.

R-Controlled Vowel Sound: /ôr/ as in Horn

The r-controlled vowel sound /ôr/ can be heard in the words corn, storm, pork, pork, and horn. This page has phonics word wheels, flashcards, and listening worksheets.

R-Controlled Vowel Sound: /ûr/ Spelled with er, ir, & ur

This set contains worksheets and flashcards for words with the /ûr/ sound. This is the sound you hear in her, bird, fur, turn, germ, dirt, curl, and girl.

Vowel Diphthongs
OI and OY

Learn about the /oy/ vowel sound with these printables. Includes flashcards, word sliders, stampers, and sentence completion activities.

OW and OU

Learn about /ow/ spelled with ou and ow.

Vowel Digraphs
EE and EA

Learn about the long e sound spelled with the digraphs ee and ea.

OO Words

Learn about the short and long oo sounds with these phonics worksheets.

Word Patterns
CVC Words

The worksheets on this page have words with the consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) pattern.

CVVC Words

Print activities for teaching words with the consonant-vowel-vowel-consonant pattern.

CVCe (Silent e) Words

This page has several different types of activities for learning about Silent E (CVCe) words.

Beginning, Middle, &
Ending Sounds
Initial Consonants

These worksheets and games can be used to help students recognize beginning consonant sounds in words.

Ending Consonants

On these worksheets, students determine which consonant sounds are at the end of each word.

Word Families
Word Families

We have word family units for dozens of word families, including -ack, -ad, -ag, -ail, -ake, -all, -ap, -an, -am, -and, -at, -ate, -aw, -ay, -eal, -ear, -eep, -eel, -eet, -ent, -ell, -ight, -ime, -ine, -ing, -ook, -op, -ow, -ug, and -ump.

Word Wheels (Word Families)

Practice reading word family sets with these word wheels.

Sight Words
Sight Word Units

We have 30 weeks of sight word units. Each unit highlights five words for kids to learn and includes a variety of sight word games, worksheets, and learning center activities.

Sight Words (Individual)

Download printable worksheets for over 200 individual sight words. Each word has about nine worksheets.

Dolch Sight Words

Sight word bingo, word wheels, and flashcards.

Fry Instant Sight Words

Use these tools to help your students master the Fry Instant Word lists.

Puzzles & Crafts
Alphabet Crowns

Print letter and number hats that your students can color and wear in school. Each hat features a letter (or number) of the day, with pictures.

Phonics Mini-Books

Print these tiny 8-page mini-books for each consonant and vowel sound.

Word Ladders

To complete these phonics puzzles, students change letters in the given words to build new words. (Level: Very Basic)

Advanced Phonics (Grades 4-6)
Phonics for Older Students (General)

Phonics vowel sounds, blends, and diphthongs for upper-elementary students.

Phonics for Older Students: Long and Short Vowel Sounds

Recognize long and short vowel sounds in words.

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Reading & Writing Worksheets - Full List

Printable worksheets to help students learn long and short vowel sounds.

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