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Map Skills

Use these Social Studies worksheets to teach map skills, including using a compass rose, using a scale of miles, reading a map key, finding places on a street map.

Map Skills - Worksheets

Basic Map Skills

Use the map of "Lakeside Campground" to answer the questions about the cardinal directions North, South, East, and West.
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Multiple Versions Available
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As you travel around this neighborhood, tell which direction you're moving.  Includes cardinal directions: North, West, South, and East.
Learn the cardinal directions of North, South, West, and East with this fun direction-following activity.
Follow the directions to complete this basic map of Davis Street.
Tell which direction you'd travel as you move between cities.  Includes intermediate directions: northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest.
Cut and glue the points on the compass rose.
Students write exactly where they live, including continent, country, state, town, and street.
This map of the USA shows major industries of mining, farming, lumber, oil, and fishing.  Use the map to answer the questions.
Use the scale and the cut-out ruler to find the distance between objects on this map.
Use the scale of miles on this USA map to calculate the distance between cities.

Latitude and Longitude

Tell which city and state is located at the given coordinates.  Intermediate level.
Match the city name with the coordinates.  Write the city name on the map.  Intermediate level.
Match the city name with the coordinates.  Write the city name on the map.  Easy level does not include coordinates that fall between lines.
Match the Australian and New Zealand cities with the correct coordinates.
Find  the longitude and latitude  coordinates of the cities and label them on the map.
Use latitude and longitude coordinates on this map of Canada to find cities.
4th through 6th Grades
A fifteen question review on latitude, longitude, and hemispheres.  Includes fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and short answer questions.

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Map Skills Worksheets

Map Skills Worksheets

Map Skills Worksheets - Where I live

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