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Phonics - Vowel Sounds

Phonics - Vowel Sounds Worksheets
Short A Vowel Sound

Here is a collection of worksheets and games for reviewing the long a vowel sound. There's a classroom scavenger hunt, word sort activity, cut-and-glue projects, worksheets, and word wheels.

Long A Vowel Sound

These printable phonics worksheets focus on writing and reading words with the long a vowel sound. This collection includes color-and-read minibooks, reading sliders, printable card games, worksheets, and phonics learning centers.

Short A & Long A (Mixed)

These files focus on differentiating between the short a and long a sounds.

Short E Vowel Sound

Here you have a variety of printable worksheets and games for teaching students about the short e sound. There are reading and writing worksheets, as well as learning centers that involve cutting and gluing.

Long E Vowel Sound

This page contains a collection of long e printables. Includes flashcards, reading strips, games, as well as several cut-and-paste projects.

Short E & Long E (Mixed)

The worksheets in this section have students determining the differences between words with a long e sound and a short e sound.

Short I Vowel Sound

Phonics worksheets that focus on words that have a short i vowel sound. These sheets include simple words, such as: hit, in, kit, did, sit, win, and kid.

Long I Vowel Sound

This pages has a variety of printable worksheets, games, and activities to help students recognize words with the long i vowel sound. These pages include words like: ice, fine, cry, fly, kind, mine, try, high, and buy.

Short I & Long I (Mixed)

This page has printable worksheets to help students discern and understand the differences between words with a long i vowel sound and words with a short i vowel sound.

Short O Vowel Sound

Phonics worksheets that focus on words with the short o sound. Print out cut and glue activities, word wheels, games, and more. Words include: pot, box, rock, dot, and clock.

Long O Vowel Sound

Students will learn about words that have a long o vowel sound with these worksheets. Some of the words in this section include: row, home, snow, code, goat, and boat.

Short O & Long O (Mixed)

Check out the worksheets in this section that feature words with both short o and long o sounds.

Short U Vowel Sound

Printable phonics worksheets that focus on words with the short u vowel sounds.

Long U Vowel Sound

Try out the printable word wheels, cut-and-glue activities, and other worksheets to practice reading words that have the long u sound. Some of the words include: unicorn, music, use, and unicycle.

Short U & Long U (Mixed)

The printable phonics worksheets on this page feature words with the long u sound and words with the short u sound.

Digraphs and Diphthongs

Vowel Digraphs: EE and EA

These resources cover words with the long-e sound, spelled with the letters ee and ea. Words in this set include feet, meat, leaf, clear, and green.

Vowel Digraph: OO

These printables cover words with oo in them. The letters oo can make two vowel sounds. Short-oo is the vowel sound you hear in words like book and floor. The long-oo sounds is heard in words like school and moon.

Vowel Diphthongs: OI and OY

Learn about OI and OY words with these wheels, flashcards, sliders, and activity sheets.

Vowel Diphthongs: OW and OU

Learn about the /ow/ sound, spelled with the diphthongs ow and ou. This page includes a mini-book and several worksheets.

R-Controlled Vowel: -AR

These files can help you teach students about the vowel sound in words like car, mark, arm, and far. There's a mini-book, a sorting game, and a word search.

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R-Controlled Vowel Sounds

Find worksheets, flash cards, and word wheels for teaching r-controlled vowel sounds. These sounds include /är/ as in star, /ôr/ as in short, /ûr/ as in bird, /âr/ as in hair, and /îr/ as in deer.

Word Family Units

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