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    Only if you want it to.

    When you sign up or renew, you can select whether or not you'd like to enable automatic renewal. You can also visit your account settings page to turn automatic renewal on or off.

    If you have automatic renewal turned on, we will send an e-mail approximately 5 days before your account renews.

    If you have automatic renewal turned off, we will send a renewal reminder approximately 30 and 7 days before your account expires. We also send a renewal reminder on the day of expiration.

  • I didn't receive an email to confirm my order
    When you sign up, you should receive an e-mail. If you do not receive this, it may be blocked by your spam filter. Please contact us if you need a receipt and we'll be glad to send you one.
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    When you see a message saying your credit card was declined, you were not charged for the order. Our payment processor does not tell us the reason for the decline. You will have to check with your bank. We encourage you to try again with a different card.
  • I was charged and my account doesn't work. What do I do?
    This is rare, but it has happened a few times. If you are charged and you cannot log in, please contact us right away. We can manually activate your account. Please include your full name and user name in the email.
  • I e-mailed you and I haven't heard back.
    We try to answer all emails within 24-48 hours (often we're able to answer them within an hour or so). Please give us a little extra time on weekends and holidays.

    If you haven't heard back from us, please check your spam folder. Also, check to be sure we're not being blocked by a firewall.

    We are committed to satisfying our customers and we always try our best to make sure questions are answered quickly.
  • Do you have a phone number?
    Yes, but please call only for billing help, log in help, membership questions, cancellations, refunds, or site license help. Our phone staff is not trained to help with technical, computer-related issues.

    Our phone number is 716-264-6000. For help problems viewing pdfs, or other computer-related issues, please e-mail. If you include your phone number, we can have someone call you back if you'd like.
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  • I lost my password. Can you help?
    No problem. To have your password emailed to you, please click here.
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    There are a few reasons this might happen.
    • Incorrectly typing the username or password is the most common problem people have. Check to be sure your username and password are spelled correctly. Passwords are case-sensitive, so please be sure your caps lock key is off.
    • Perhaps your account expired? Your account is valid for 365 days from your signup date.
    • Still having trouble? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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Help Viewing and Printing PDF Files
  • What do I need to view the PDF files?
    Most of the worksheets on our site are in PDF format. To view them, you'll need Adobe Reader. Most computers already have this installed. If your computer doesn't have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free from this link: Adobe Reader
  • I see a "Preview" graphic over the worksheet.
    If you're seeing a "preview" graphic it means you're not logged in. (Sometimes the site automatically logs you out if your computer has been idle.)

    First, be sure you entered your name and password. If the preview button still appears, go to your browser's "options" or "settings" menu and clear the cache. The preview button should disappear.
  • I can't view the files on my computer! I'm just getting a blank page or an error.
    If you're logged in and can't download of view files from our website, there are three likely problems:
    • Most likely, there is a problem with your version of Adobe Reader. Please be sure you have the latest version installed.
    • If you're positive you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader, then try to view or download the files with a different browser. (For example, if you're using Firefox, switch to Internet Explorer.)
    • If it's still not working, try shutting down the computer and restarting it from scratch. I know it sounds very basic, but it often works.
    • You might also want to try it from a different computer, especially if you're on a networked system. Sometimes computer network IT administrators block certain sites or certain types of files.
  • The PDF looks fine on my screen, but when I print the file I see strange characters.
    This is a problem for some users who are using the Firefox browser. (Firefox has it's own built-in PDF reader, and it doesn't always allow PDF files to print properly.)

    The easiest solution is to use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari, when viewing PDF files.

    In order to print the PDF file properly in Firefox, you'll need to change the default viewer. To do this, follow these steps:
    • Choose the "tools" pull-down menu.
    • Select "options."
    • When the window appears, select the "applications" tab.
    • Scroll down to "Portable Document Format (PDF)."
    • Change "Preview in Firefox" to "Use Adobe Acrobat.
    Now, when you view files, they will open up with Adobe Reader, rather than Firefox's built-in PDF viewer. When you print, all characters should appear as you see them on the screen.
  • When I print a PDF, landscape orientation changes to portrait. Or, a regular worksheet shrinks down to half-size.
    These are also known problems with Firefox's built-in PDF viewer.
    We recommend using a different browser, however you can change Firefox's default PDF viewer by following these steps:
    • Choose the "tools" pull-down menu.
    • Select "options."
    • When the window appears, select the "applications" tab.
    • Scroll down to "Portable Document Format (PDF)."
    • Change "Preview in Firefox" to "Use Adobe Acrobat.
    Now, when you open files, they will use Adobe Reader, rather than Firefox's built-in PDF viewer.
  • When I print a PDF, dotted lines seem to be missing.
    This is a documented bug that exists with Chrome's built-in PDF viewer.

    We recommend using a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, Edge, or Mozilla Firefox if possible. The developers of Google's Chrome browser are aware of the issue and are researching a solution.
    If you are not able to view and print the desired files using an alternate web browser, you can always save the PDF files to your computer and then open and print them using Adobe:
    • Bring up the desired PDF worksheet with Chrome.
    • Click the "disk" icon located in the lower right corner to save the file.
    • (Or right click on the document and choose "save as".)
    • Check the filename and save the item to your computer/desktop.
    • Locate the file on your computer and open it. It should open with Adobe Reader - which will print the dotted lines correctly as displayed on screen.
    For more info about the Google Chrome dotted line bug, please see here.
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Help Printing PDF Files from an Apple iPad
  • How to Print a Super Teacher Worksheets PDF from an iPad?
    Did you know that you can print our PDF files from your iPad or other Apple mobile device? You can! Here is a helpful guide for printing PDF files from an iPad. We hope this simple instructional guide will be useful to you as you take advantage of all the great printable resources Super Teacher Worksheets has to offer.

    To print a PDF file from the Super Teacher Worksheets website using your iPad:

    1. Open the PDF file you would like to print.

    2. Locate the share icon on the top right corner of your screen, and click it to access the print icon.

    3. A small box with several share options (including Message, Mail, Twitter, and Facebook) will appear. At the bottom of the box, you will need to swipe your finger across the gray icons until you see the Print icon.

    4. Click the Print icon. This will bring you to a page in the small box called Printer Options. Here you will see a list of printers that your iPad is able to print from. This will depend on whether the printer(s) and your iPad are on the same wireless network. (Note: You can only print from a wireless printer with an iPad!)

    5. If you do not see any printers listed in the Printer Options box, you must make sure the printer you would like to use is compatible with your iPad. If the printer is wireless, you can use the following link from the Apple support team to identify your printer on the list of compatible printers here.

    6. If your printer is not on the list of compatible wireless printers, then you will not be able to print from it using your iPad. (If this is the case, you can always save the file to your filing cabinet to print from your desktop later!) However, if your printer is compatible with an iPad, make sure they are both connected properly to the wireless network you are using. Also, make sure they are within wireless range. If you still have trouble, you can refer to the above link for other helpful suggestions.

    The Super Teacher Worksheets staff knows our customers are busy, fast-paced, and on-the-go educators. That's why we want to assist you however we can in accessing our printable resources with your mobile Apple device. We admire you for using the latest technology - keep up the great work, Super Teachers!
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