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Puzzle and Brainteaser Worksheets
Addition Squares

Build logical thinking skills with these addition square puzzles.

Brain Teasers

Challenge students with these mind-bending, critical thinking puzzles.

Cipher Wheels: Secret Code Facts

Assemble a cipher disk and use it to decode facts about animals, explorers, plants, and other science/social studies topics.

Cootie Catchers

Students love to learn with these foldable origami cootie catcher (aka Fortune Teller) games.


This page has a nice selection of "connect the dots" puzzles. These are great for reviewing basic counting, alphabet, roman numerals, and skip counting.

Hidden Picture Puzzles

Look carefully for items hidden within the playful scenes.

Logic: Analogies

Build vocabulary and critical thinking skills with these analogy worksheets.

Lost in the USA: 50 States

Penelope Peabody is lost somewhere in the USA. Can you tell where she is? Use the 50 states worksheet puzzles on a daily or weekly basis.

Math Crossword Puzzles

First find the answers to the math problems and plug the answers into the puzzles.

Math Riddle Worksheets

To find the answer to a funny riddle, solve the math problems. Skills include division, multiplication, subtraction, addition, place value, roman numerals, and many more.

Mystery Graph Art

Plot the ordered pairs on the coordinate grid and connect the points to reveal mystery pictures.

Mystery Math Pictures

Solve the subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication facts to reveal a mystery picture.

Number Detective

The teacher posts a clue each day of the week. Students read the clues and try to figure out the mystery number.

Puzzle Match Math Game

Kids love these math puzzle match games! Try them in your learning centers. Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, money and more!

Sudoku for Kids

Learn Sudoku with these easy, fun puzzles.

Tangram Puzzles

Challenge your students with these printable tangram puzzles. These worksheets are made specially for your 4-inch classroom tangram sets. Basic and advanced levels available.

What Am I? Challenges

Weekly "What Am I?" challenge puzzles for kids of all ages.

Word Ladders

Students change one letter in each word on the puzzle to make a new word. These are great for teaching phonics, vocabulary, and critical thinking.

Word-Maze Puzzles

Connect the letters in these maze puzzles to make words from the list. Then find a science fact written in the unused letters.

Word Search Puzzles

We have lots of non-holiday word search puzzles for students of all ages.

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