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Kindergarten and Preschool - Colors Worksheets

These worksheets will help young students learn their colors.

Colors Worksheets

Individual Colors

Color the fire truck, stop sign, apple, and barn red.  Trace and write the word red on the bottom.
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Color the basketball, goldfish, and pumpkin orange.  Write and trace the word orange on the bottom.
Color the banana, pencil, bumble bee, and sun yellow.  Trace and write the word yellow on the bottom of the page.
Color the turtle, celery, leaf, and frog green.  Trace and write the word green on the bottom.
Color the water, jeans, and bluebird blue.  Write and trace the word blue on the bottom.
Color the jelly, grapes, and eggplant purple.  Write and trace the word purple on the bottom.
Color the blackberries, bat, gorilla, and crow black.  Write and trace the word black on the bottom.
Color the football, teddy bear, pretzel, and monkey brown.  Trace and write the word brown on the bottom.

Multiple Colors

Color each crayon the correct color.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Match each color word with the correct object.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Color the peacock according to the color key at the bottom.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Spin the wheel and read the color words. This file includes a color and black-and-white version of the wheel.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
These color sight word cards can be used in your pocket chart, or on your classroom word wall.
Pre-K through 1st Grade


Give this award to students who have gotten the hang of identifying and naming colors.
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Printable Coloring Worksheets

Coloring Worksheets

Coloring Worksheets and Activities

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