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Daily Word Problems

Choose your grade level and you'll jump to a page with hundreds of practice word problems, one for each day of the school year.

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Daily Word Problems

Grade 1 (Level A)

Daily word problem worksheets for 1st grade students. Most problems require basic addition or subtraction. There are also occasional problems related to counting money and skip counting.

Grade 2 (Level B)

This page has 2nd grade daily math word problems. At this level, we have both single-step and multi-step problems. Single, double, and triple-digit addition and subtraction are frequently featured. Other skills include elapsed time, counting money, and repeated addition (multiplication).

Grade 3 (Level C)

In third grade, students will be presented with 2, 3, and 4-digit addition and subtraction problems, as well as questions involving basic multiplication, basic division, place value, counting money, tables & charts, and fractions.

See also:
Math Buzz

This is a different set of daily review worksheets, featuring a variety of math skills. Each day, students have 5 math questions to answer. Not all problems are word problems in this set.

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