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3rd Grade Spelling Units (Level C)

3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets

3rd Grade Spelling Units

Spelling Unit C-1

In the first unit, student will learn to spell words with the short a and long a vowel sounds. Word list includes: mask, grade, wrapped, stage, track, raise, safety, they, chance, stamp, batch, eight, graph, trade, and laugh.

Spelling Unit C-2

In C-2, students will focus on learning to spell short e and long e words: wrench, peace, medal, peaches, bread, remember, eggshell, piece, kept, better, reading, metal, yellow, hello, and sentence.

Spelling Unit C-3

Unit C-3 has long i and short i words. Pilot, fine, time, write, tries, rhyme, silent, height, night, iron, lines, reply, whine, wise, and highlight.

Spelling Unit C-4

On these worksheets, students will review long o and short o words. Word list: coach, fossil, vote, though, cocoa, sold, option, hollow, frog, olive, oatmeal, block, stone, own, and lollipop.

Spelling Unit C-5

In the fifth unit, your kids will learn to spell words with the long oo and long u vowel sounds. Words on the list are: fruit, musical, computer, stool, knew, spoon, cute, few, rules, bedroom, mule, moon, perfume, new, and rescue.

Spelling Unit C-6

This week, students will learn about words that have a long vowel sound because of a silent e at the end of each word. Word list: smile, stripe, globe, note, confuse, flame, become, white, choke, arrive, cube, beware, pancake, rose, and skate.

Spelling Unit C-7

On these worksheets, your class will learn about words with the /oi/ sound. Word list includes: toys, voyage, joyful, join, coins, boy, loyal, point, soil, annoy, destroy, avoid, voice, noise, and broil.

Spelling Unit C-8

Words in this unit all have the /ow/ sound (spelled with the letters ow or ou). Clown, brown, about, around, mouth, trout, and meow, cloud, downspout, however, allowance, crown, flour, flower, shout, towel, sound.

Spelling Unit C-9

Look for words with the consonant sound /f/ spelled with the letter f or the letters ph. Words include: golfer, enough, family, fashion, tough, paragraph, cough, forgetful, felt, farmer, photograph, feelings, full, roof, difference, rough, and phrase.

Spelling Unit C-10

In unit 10, students will practice words with double consonants, such as: spill, collect, successful, lettuce, happy, berry, litter, carrot, errand, happen, puzzle, pizza, messy, address, necessary, really, and traffic.

Spelling Unit C-11

Each of these words have the sound /s/ or /z/. Daisy, license, bicycle, season, classes, vase, service, plastic, citizen, sincerely, closet, sense, yesterday, distance, reuse, zipper, and does.

Spelling Unit C-12

Verbs that end in -ed and -ing are found in this unit. Studying, cared, walking, trying, stopped, exciting, joking, dripping, served, dropped, changed, noticing, sleeping, acting, beginning.

Spelling Unit C-13

Learn all about homophones! Ant/aunt, brake/break, sail/sale, there/their/they're, beet/beat, bare/bear, and your/you're.

Spelling Unit C-14

Sometimes words can be easy to confuse. This week, your class will spell: dessert and desert; loose and lose; are, our, and hour; then and than; who's and whose; it's and its; accept and except.

Spelling Unit C-15

Learn to spell words with the /k/ sound. List includes the following words: cabin, ticket, freckles, collapse, quick, camera, rocket, insect, second, comics, ache, crack, week, octopus, and park.

Spelling Unit C-16

The focus of this unit is words with /j/, /ch/, and /tch/ sounds. Orange, porch, stretch, bridge, large, nature, catch, judge, postage, arrange, culture, capture, checkers, courage, jacket.

Spelling Unit C-17

This week's words have the sounds /sh/, /ch/, and /wh/. Path, why, what, whale, thought, throat, where, motion, shelter, when, position, who, ashamed, shimmer, and social.

Spelling Unit C-18

This unit has plural nouns, such as: plants, countries, valleys, tomatoes, boxes, babies, cherries, bakeries, batteries, highways, trays, matches, coaches, beaches, movies, and glasses.

Spelling Unit C-19

This list has contractions, such as I'd, couldn't, where's, let's, I've, aren't, haven't, hasn't, I'm, what's, we'll, shouldn't, how's, isn't, and would've.

Spelling Unit C-20

These words have the /ar/ and /or/ sounds. Award, cartoon, harvest, toward, charm, alarm, starving, swarm, warmth, reward, garden, guard, quarter, warned, and carpet.

Spelling Unit C-21

In this unit, students will need to spell words with -ar, -er, and -or endings. Since these endings sound alike, they'll have to memorize the last two letters of each word. Swimmer, teacher, inventor, horror, dollar, singer, vinegar, mayor, worker, clever, author, nectar, visitor, sailor, and humor.

Spelling Unit C-22

Prefixes un, re, and dis are the theme for this week. Disappear, unable, replace, until, dislike, reheat, react, disagree, rewrite, unknown, dishonest, rewind, unbutton, uncover, and replay.

Spelling Unit C-23

Suffixes are the topic for this week. Each word has the suffix -ful, -less, or -ly. Slowly, useful, nicely, sadly, fearless, happily, wonderful, painless, meaningful, calmly, flawless, careful, friendly, truthful, powerful, thankful, peaceful.

Spelling Unit C-24

This unit will help students learn to spell words with silent consonants, such as knight, aisle, whole, wrong, thumb, island, knowledge, often, sword, crumb, doubt, gnaw, climb, and written.

Spelling Unit C-25

Compound words in this set include: ladybug, underline, sandcastle, popcorn, fireplace, keyboard, hallway, quicksand, jigsaw, dragonfly, passport, doorbell, cardboard, seafood, barnyard, and everyone.

Spelling List C-26

Each of these words has one of the following letter combinations: ei, ie, ia, or ai. List: chief, nailed, claim, field, goalie, niece, tail, trivia, neighbor, weight, ceiling, waiting, said, airplane, and carriage.

Spelling Unit C-27

These words have the /d/ and /t/ sounds. Spider, handle, littlest, water, hurting, wanted, middle, bandage, ladder, bottles, bitter, butter, paddle, letter, battery, cattle, and tasted.

Spelling Unit C-28

Spell two-syllable words, such as website, billion, enter, every, bacon, lumber, police, danger, discuss, behave, kitten, basket, morning, between, and again.

Spelling Unit C-29

Each of the words in this unit have three syllables. List: triangle, umbrella, veteran, negative, probably, gymnastics, together, behavior, hamburger, important, cucumber, character, develop, xylophone, recommend, understand, and volunteer.

Spelling Unit C-30

This is the final regular list in our spelling series. It contains word pairs that are antonyms. daytime-nighttime; past-present; fantasy-reality; gentle-rough; hero-villain; risky-safe; filthy-clean.

Holiday Spelling Units

Halloween Spelling Unit (Level C)

This unit has Halloween words, including the following: spider, skeleton, pumpkin, candlestick, trick-or-treat, toad, candy, ghost, costume, black cat, treats, goblin, frighten, broom, midnight, spooky, cobweb, shadow, monster, and witch.

Thanksgiving Spelling Unit (Level C)

This Thanksgiving spelling unit contains the following words: Pilgrim, harvest, thankful, pumpkin pie, vegetables, roast, yams, corn, celebrate, feast, November, gobble, potatoes, voyage, family, bread, Thanksgiving, autumn, squash, and turkey.

Winter & Christmas Spelling Unit (Level C)

This unit has winter and Christmas words. List includes: snowman, elf, holly, snowflakes, lights, wreath, Christmas, angel, candle, sleigh, merry, carols, Santa, winter, and reindeer.

Easter Spelling Unit (Level C)

The Easter unit features the following words: bunny, parade, hidden, rabbit, basket, bonnet, Easter, spring, jellybeans, chocolate, grass, orchid, hopping, hatch, and lamb.

Themed Spelling Units (Level C)

Healthy Foods (Theme)

This unit contains words with a "healthy foods" theme. Words include: avocado, broccoli, grapes, tomato, soup, salad, peas, eggs, orange juice, apple, pear, peach, almonds, oatmeal, beans, fish, carrot, milk, turkey, and yogurt.

Months and Days (Theme)

This spelling unit is all about the months of the year and days of the week. Words include: calendar, Monday, March, February, Wednesday, July, May, June, April, Sunday, Friday, January, August, October, Thursday, Saturday, September, December, Tuesday, and November.

School Words (Theme)

Here is a school words-themed spelling unit with the following words: alphabet, scissors, pens, backpack, ruler, glue, map, books, teacher, pencil, desk, notebook, stapler, tape, paper, crayon, eraser, globe, computer, and markers.

Simple Machines (Theme)

This is a spelling unit with a "simple machines" theme. The words in this spelling unit are: machine, lever, wedge, science, inclined plane, ramp, force, simple, pulley, work, wheel, power, compound, screw, axle, energy, resistance, effort, load, and motion.

Old Spelling Series

Old Spelling Series (3rd Grade)

This is our old spelling series. It's not nearly as good as our new one, but if you're looking for it.... here you go.

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