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Spring Worksheets

Print spring calendars, reading comprehension stories, word puzzles, and learning center activities.

Spring Worksheets

Puzzles & Crafts

Cut out the letters in the words "Happy Spring." How many new words can you make by mixing up the letters? This printable includes primary-ruled paper for students in grades 1 and 2. Makes a great learning center.
1st through 3rd Grades
Common Core
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Cut out the letter squares in the words "Happy Spring." Rearrange the letters to make new words. How many 3, 4, and 5-letter words can you make? This printable includes intermediate-ruled paper for students in grades 3 through 6.
1st through 3rd Grades
One, two or three students can play this addition game. Players take turns finding pairs of numbers that ad up to fifteen. (11+4, 10+5, 9+6, 8+7, etc.) This game has a spring flower theme.
1st through 3rd Grades
The first day of spring always falls on March 19th or 20th. Celebrate the first day of spring with this cute crown craft. (We recommend printing on card stock. If you'd prefer a full-color version, click on the "ALT" link below.)
Pre-K through 2nd Grade
This spring word search has easy-to-read words hidden in it. All words are hidden across and down only. There are no diagonal or backwards words. Specially designed for students in 1st and 2nd grades.
1st through 3rd Grades
Find the words home plate, strike, batter, catch, pitcher, shortstop, and coach hidden in this puzzle. This intermediate puzzle has words hidden across, down, and diagonally. Recommended for grades 3 through 6.
2nd through 4th Grades
Your class can use crayons and markers to color in this picture of blooming flowers.
Pre-K through 1st Grade

ABC Order

Write each list of words in ABC order. Each word list has words that start with different letters. (example: spring, rain, warm, flower) Recommended for grades 1 and 2.
1st through 3rd Grades
Write each word list in alphabetical order. This intermediate-level worksheet requires students to look at the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th letter in each word. (example: grow, garden, grass, green, leaves)
2nd through 4th Grades

Reading Comprehension

You've heard the phrase, "The early bird catches the worm." However, that's not the case in this story.
(Approx. Grade Level: 1-2)
1st Grade
Jill is collecting rocks, but she's afraid to pick up rocks with creepy crawly bugs on them. Her fearless brother Ben follows her around and makes a collection of his own.
(Approx. Grade Level: 2-3)
2nd Grade
Learn all about colorful tulips that grow in the springtime.
(Approx. Grade Level: 2-3)
2nd Grade
This article about sunflowers is jam-packed with fun facts! The page contains a 4-part true-or-false question, a multiple-choice question, and a short factual recall written response.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Spencer wants to spend day off of school riding bikes with his best friend, but a spring rainstorm ruins his plans. Or does it? With a little creative thinking, Spencer and Elton may be able to ride after all.
(Approx. Grade Level: 3-4)
3rd Grade
Learn about a monarch butterfly's metamorphosis as it transforms from a caterpillar into a butterfly.
(Approx. Grade Level: 3-4)
2nd through 4th Grades
A beautiful spring day is described using the five senses. Comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing activity are included.
2nd Grade
While tossing a baseball back and forth with her sister, this girl makes an amazing catch. This poem has a fun twist at the end that kids enjoy.
(Approx. Grade Level: 4-5)
4th Grade
Andy can almost feel the first place medal around his neck, but when the last challenge of the field day is a hula hooping competition, Andy will learn what it means to be a true field day champion.
(Approx. Grade Level: 4-5)
5th Grade
Do you know why ladybugs are called Ladybugs? You'll know after you read this fascinating article.
(Approx. Grade Level: 5-6)
4th through 6th Grades


This single-page worksheet includes 16 different spring writing prompts for students to choose from.
3rd through 7th Grades
On this graphic organizer, students write about the sights, tastes, smells, and sounds of springtime.
2nd through 4th Grades
Write a story to go along with the illustration. The scene shows a boy looking up at his kite, which is caught in a tall tree.
Write a story to go along with the picture. The illustration shows a girl chasing butterflies with a net.

Poetry Writing

Use this worksheet to write a spring-themed poem. Then color in the rainbow!
Kindergarten to 4th Grade
This worksheet tells what a couplet is and includes space for students to write three couplets of their own.
2nd through 5th Grades
With this worksheet, students learn about haikus and write one of their own about spring. They can then color in the flower.
1st through 4th Grades


When students solve basic addition problems, they'll be able to decode a picture of a mother bird sitting on her eggs.
1st and 2nd Grades
Find the sum for each basic addition fact. The color the picture according to the key at the bottom of the worksheet. The mystery picture shows a ladybug.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade


Subtract to find the difference. Then color each section of the illustration according to the key. The finished picture is a butterfly.
1st and 2nd Grades
Subtract the pairs of numbers. Write the answers on the mystery picture. Color to reveal a beautiful ladybug.
1st and 2nd Grades
Have your students practice their basic subtraction skills with this spring-themed worksheet. Minuends are 20 or less.
1st through 3rd Grades


This mystery picture has multiplication facts up to 10. The final picture shows a red bird sitting in her nest with blue eggs.
3rd through 5th Grades
Multiply each pair on numbers on the mystery picture. Then match your answers with the color code at the bottom of the page. Use crayons to color the picture according to the key.
3rd and 4th Grades


Divide to solve each problem. Write the answers on the picture, then color according to the key at the bottom.
3rd and 4th Grades


Simplify each fraction in this image. Then color the corresponding section according to the answer. Students will reveal a ladybug image as the completed math mystery picture.
3rd through 5th Grades

Graph Art
Plotting Points

Plot the points on the coordinate plane and connect the dots to reveal a surprise picture. The picture shows two spring flowers.
3rd through 6th Grades


Color the March calendar and add the numbered dates. Calendar includes a picture of shamrocks and a leprechaun.
April showers bring May flowers. Color and number the April calendar, then add important days, like holidays and birthdays.
Color the picture of May flowers, then number the calendar's dates.

Early Literacy

Cut out twenty-five word cards. Rearrange them to make as many complete sentences as possible. Some word cards have basic sight words, including see, we, to, the she, you, play, the, will, and like. Other cards have words related to spring, such as outside, grow, flower, rain, and nest.
(Approx. Grade Levels: K-2)
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
Cut out the word boxes and rearrange them to make a sentence. Glue the words onto the paper and write the sentence. The sentence reads, "Flowers grow in the spring."
(Approx. Grade Levels: K-1)
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Cut out the words and use them to make a sentence. Glue the words on the paper and write your sentence. The sentence reads, "Can you fly the kite?"
(Approx. Grade Levels: K-1)
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Sticker Charts

Students can use this raindrops sticker chart to count books they've read, track behavior, or keep track of their completed homework.
Keep track of homework assignments, behavior, or books of this flower sticker chart.

Teacher Helpers

Use these wristbands to help students remember their library books, lunch money, field trips, or anything at all.

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Spring Word Search Worksheets (Printable)

Spring Worksheets - Calendar

Spring Worksheets - Math Mystery (Seasonal)

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