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2nd Grade Spelling (Level B)

Spelling Worksheets - Grade 2
Spelling Unit B-1

The first unit in the level-b (2nd grade) spelling series features short a words. The full spelling list includes the words: bats, has, flat, grab, can, ran, last, sat, as, plan.

Spelling Unit B-2

List B-2 has a set of words with the short e vowel sound, such as wet, went, end, left, else, pen, sent, yes, rest, and legs.

Spelling Unit B-3

Here's a link to the third unit in the STW spelling series. All words have the short i vowel sound. There are also review words from B-1. New words are digs, trick, did, his, flip, wins, kick, if, is, and slip.

Spelling Unit B-4

In the fourth unit, students will learn to spell stop, job, not, spot, top, lot, slot, dock, box, and drop. All of the words have the short o vowel. This list also has short e review words from unit B-2.

Spelling Unit B-5

In this unit, students will practice spelling short u words, such as bugs, until, fun, under, rugs, does, stuck, tub, truck, but, dug, and funny.

Spelling Unit B-6

Spell long a words, such as rain, made, day, nail, tape, paid, came, play, say, take, snake, and chain.

Spelling Unit B-7

Long e words are the topic for these lessons: keep, lady, only, deep, because, beak, treat, free, tree, baby, read, and eat.

Spelling Unit B-8

Long i words are the focus this week. Time, right, dry, sight, eye, sky, nine, kind, high, sides.

Spelling Unit B-9

Unit 9 has long o words, such as: home, foam, joke, boat, snow, goes, float, own, nose, goal, also, and bowl.

Spelling Unit B-10

Each of the words in this unit has consonant blends. Word list: crab, sweep, trip, black, grams, fast, snap, flame, brush, fact.

Spelling Unit B-11

In unit 11, students will spell words with TH, WH, SH, and CH. List: chair, sheep, why, who, when, both, chart, they, this, crash.

Spelling Unit B-12

In this unit, your class will learn to spell words with -ed and -ing suffixes. Clapping, planned, worrying, sitting, getting, shipped, trapped, tagged, stopping, patted, carried, running.

Spelling Unit B-13

On these worksheets, children will practice spelling singular and plural nouns, such as: mess, messes, desk, desks, kitten, kittens, map, maps, fly, flies, lunch, and lunches.

Spelling Unit B-14

The sounds /g/ and /j/ are the focus of this word list. Game, gold, buggy, huge, jacket, gym, danger, page, just.

Spelling Unit B-15

These words all end with /k/. Duck, leak, steak, cheek, comic, magic, music, back, check, mistake, chalk, and track.

Spelling Unit B-16

This week, students will learn to spell homophones. Word list includes to/two/too, here/hear, bye/buy/by, where/wear, and no/know.

Spelling Unit B-17

These words all have the /s/ sound. Six, since, fence, city, soft, face, ice, price, ask, and slice. Star Words are place and circle.

Spelling Unit B-18

Here's a unit with words ending in -ng, -nk, and -nd. Bank, stand, lungs, string, thank, band, blink, sang, lend, found, long, and sink.

Spelling Unit B-19

In this unit, your students can learn to spell words with the short-oo and long-oo sound. Book, pool, took, noon, tool, cookie, stood, loops, good, crook, and spoon.

Spelling Unit B-20

The focus of this unit is /ow/ words, such as: how, couch, mouth, house, down, cows, brown, now, round, and about.

Spelling Unit B-21

Contractions are the theme for this week's words. List includes: can't, we'd, don't, wasn't, hasn't, doesn't, you'll, we've, I'll, won't, you'd, and we'll.

Spelling Unit B-22

Learn to read and spell words with r-controlled vowels. Each word has the /ar/ or /or/ sound. Car, store, jar, fork, hard, cord, more, are, start, and sports.

Spelling Unit B-23

This week's words have the /aw/ sound. Tall, pause, draw, fault, all, claw, lawn, almost, salt, and yawn.

Spelling Unit B-24

The words in this unit are compound words. List includes: cupcake, sometime, into, football, maybe, herself, sidewalk, anything, bulldog, butterfly, bedroom, and without.

Spelling Unit B-25

This unit has words with the long-oo sound, spelled with the letters ue, -u-e, and ew. List includes: suit, drew, blue, fruit, rule, cube, true, new, juice, screw, glue, and flew.

Spelling Unit B-26

These words have the /oi/ sound. Boy, joy, oil, coin, foil, join, annoy, soil, enjoy, and toy.

Spelling Unit B-27

The words in this unit all end with the schwa+l sound, spelled le. Bubble, little, middle, marble, apple, puzzle, angle, and simple.

Spelling Unit B-28

The words on this list all have the schwa+r sound. This is spelled with the letters er, ir, and ur. Bird, after, girl, camper, fur, swirl, hurt, burn, over, and player.

Spelling Unit B-29

Learn to spell singular nouns and their irregular plurals. Words for this unit include: foot, feet, mouse, mice, woman, women, child, children, tooth, teeth, mouse, and mice.

Spelling Unit B-30

This is the final unit in the 2nd grade spelling series. Each word on this list has a silent consonant. Write, knock, wrist, thumb, knee, knight, wrestle, plumber, knew, lamb, sign, and wrong.

Holiday Spelling Units

Halloween Unit (Level B)

This set of spelling resources has Halloween words. All words have a witch theme. Witch, kettle, black, broom, fly, wand, night, moon, brew, and charm.

Thanksgiving Unit (Level B)

Included on this holiday word list are the words dinner, turkey, pie, roll, family, beans, plate, fork, thank, knife, food, butter, and potato.

Christmas Unit (Level B)

This "Santa"-themed holiday unit contains the following words: beard, reindeer, sled, Santa, bag, gift, ho ho ho, boots, candy cane, toys, cookie, milk, North Pole, Mrs. Claus, and red suit.

Easter Unit (Level B)

The Easter list includes the following words: bunny, carrot, egg, ham, spring, color, rabbit, chick, hide, find, hop, candy, and basket.

Theme Units

Baseball Words (Theme)

Here is a baseball-themed spelling unit with the following words: diamond, pitcher, ball, throw, mitt, catch, hit, run, base, runner, slide, safe, batter, field, and out.

Car Parts Words (Theme)

This spelling unit includes words that are all about car parts! The words in this unit include: engine, mirror, hood, tires, wheel, gas cap, key, door, air bag, trunk, seat belt, bumper, radio, window, and lock.

Insects Words (Theme)

Check out the insect-themed words in this spelling unit: beetle, dragonfly, wasp, firefly, ladybug, moth, bee, ant, cricket, butterfly, grasshopper, mantis, bedbug, flea, and wings.

Numbers Words (Theme)

The numbers-themed spelling unit includes the following words: eighteen, eleven, six, three, four, seven, five, two, seventeen, eight, nine, twelve, fifteen, fourteen, and thirteen.

More Spelling

Spelling Level A (1st Grade)

If the Level B spelling lessons are too hard for your students, go on down to the Level A (1st Grade) units.

Spelling Level C (3rd Grade)

If the Level B spelling units are too easy for your student, you may want to jump up to Level C (Grade 3).

Old Spelling Series

Old Spelling Series (Level B)

Here's a link to the 2nd grade worksheets in our old spelling series. It's not nearly as good as our new series, but if you're looking for it... here it is.

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