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1st Grade Spelling Units (Level A)

1st Grade Spelling Lists
Spelling Unit A-1

The first unit in our first grade spelling series has short a words. List: cat, and, man, as, can, am, had, hat, have, has.

Spelling Unit A-2

This first grade spelling unit has words with the short e sound: bed, peg, gem, get, red, jet, yes, and ten. Thee are also two star words: them and when.

Spelling Unit A-3

Words with the short i sound are featured in this unit. List includes: six, hit, did, if, him, is, and did. Star words: will and this. This is also the first unit to have review words.

Spelling Unit A-4

Time to learn about short o words! The fourth unit has the following six words: dog, box, top, jog, not, and on.

Spelling Unit A-5

The short u vowel sound is the topic of these worksheets. bus, tub, pup, mug, but, and fun. Plug and stud are the challenge words. Also has a couple review words from list A-3.

Spelling Unit A-6

Every 6th unit features a series of sight words. This week's include: the of, a, do, to, you, are, they.

Spelling Unit A-7

Long a words (with a silent e) are the topic of A-7. Learn to spell and write: race, fake, rake, make, gave, and age. Star words are space and brave.

Spelling Unit A-8

Long i words: dime, ride, like, size, five, nine. Challenge words are: twice, size. Review words from A-6 are: they, you.

Spelling Unit A-9

This set of spelling words has the long o sound. Each one is spelled with a silent-e at the end. Bone, rose, nose, cone, poke, and hole. Broke and stone are the star words.

Spelling Unit A-10

The tenth unit in the Super Teacher Spelling series has more long i words. This time, the words are spelled with just the letters i or y. Hi, fly, my, by, cry, sky, I, try. Review includes: like and nine.

Spelling Unit A-11

More long e words in this set: she ski, we, me, he, be. Bonus words: mini and taxi. Review: cone and nose.

Spelling Unit A-12

It's time for another sight word list! These are words the kids should know how to read, without sounding out the individual letters. From, come, have, all, one, what, was, and said.

Spelling List A-13

This week your students will be learning about consonant blends fl, cl, and bl. Black, clap, flag, cliff, blink, and flake. The star words are tricky to spell: climb and blue.

Spelling Unit A-14

The printables on this page feature more consonant blends. All words have cl, bl, or sl. Word list includes: glad, plot, play, slam, sled, and glass.

Spelling Unit A-15

A-15 has words with with br, cr, and fr blends. Frost brown, free, crib, crab, and brick.

Spelling Unit A-16

On these worksheets, pupils will practice spelling words with gr, pr, and tr. Trip, grid, prop, gram, trap, and press.

Spelling Unit A-17

This unit has words with ST, SN, and SP. List includes the words: stop, spin, snack, snip, step, stick, spot, and snug.

Spelling Unit A-18

This unit has 8 sight words and two review words. New words: who, you, many, two, been, and into. Review words: grade and press. Star words: would and their.

Spelling Unit A-19

Here you'll find words the long oo sound, as in spoon, food, cool, noon, and tooth.

Spelling Unit A-20

On this list you have short oo words, including: cook, foot, stood, shook, wood, took, book, and good.

Spelling Unit A-21

This unit has long e spelling words, such as tree, green, bee, heat, read, tea, and sheet.

Spelling Unit A-22

This unit has long o words, spelled with the letters ow and oa. Goal, boat, own, bow, mow, and coat. Star words are: toast and yellow.

Spelling Unit A-23

These words have the long a vowel sound spelled with the letters ay and ai. List includes rain, may, train, day, stay, lay, aim, stay and way.

Spelling Unit A-24

This unit has common sight words, such as find, some, where, were, there, only.

Spelling Unit A-25

This week's list emphasizes words with the /ch/ and /sh/ consonant digraphs. Shell, chair, sheep, show, chat, and chop.

Spelling Unit A-26

Within this unit, students will discover words with /th/ sounds, such as this, that, both, then, with, and thick.

Spelling Unit A-27

Words with the /ar/ sound are in the spotlight this week. Car, art, hard, far, part, and mark.

Spelling Unit A-28

This list has words with the /or/ sound. Port, born, horse, cord, sort, sport, storm, for.

Spelling Unit A-29

This unit has more r-controlled vowels. These words have the letters ir and ur in them. First, turn, girl, shirt, bird, and surf.

Spelling Unit A-30

The final unit contains sight words. Word list: old, very, other, again, kind, and put. Star words are: does and goes.

Holiday Spelling Units

Halloween Unit (Level A)

This is a Halloween-themed spelling unit, containing the following words: candy, witch, moon, bat, dark, boo, cat, black, corn, and spook.

Thanksgiving Unit (Level A)

The Thanksgiving unit consists of eight basic words and two star words. List includes: thank, turkey, roll, food, pie, gravy, eat, and corn.

Christmas Unit (Level A)

This unit has holiday words, such including tree, card, gift, elf, bell, shop, snow, sled, and Santa.

Hanukkah Unit (Level A)

Here is a Hanukkah-themed unit with the following words: candle, eight, music, food, games, spin, latka, oil, sing, and gelt.

Valentine's Day Unit (Level A)

Here is a Valentines-themed unit, containing the following words: friend, Cupid, like, heart, kiss, love, hug, date, rose, and gift.

St. Patrick's Day Unit (Level A)

St. Patrick's Day words include: luck, jig, green, pot, gold, leaf, clover, and harp.

Easter Unit (Level A)

The Easter-themed list includes the words: egg, bunny, hide, chick, candy, ham, spring, and basket.

Theme Units

Farm Words (Theme)

This unit has farm-themed words. Barn, hen, cow, farm, duck, corn, hay, and pig.

Color Words (Theme)

This unit contains color-themed words: purple, orange, white, red, yellow, green, pink, brown, black, and blue.

Hockey Words (Theme)

This hockey-themed unit includes the following spelling words: score, goal, rink, shoot, net, stick, ice, skate, check, and puck.

Number Words (Theme)

This themed spelling unit is all about numbers. Words in this list include: eight, two, ten, one, three, four, nine, seven, six, and five.

School Words (Theme)

This spelling unit contains school-themed words, including the following: school, teacher, letters, desk, book, read, pencil, spell, math, and kids.

More Spelling

Spelling Level B (2nd Grade)

This is our second grade spelling series. There are 30 word lists, as well as holiday lists. If you've finished the first grade series, you might want to try these.

Spelling Level C (3rd Grade)

Here you'll find our third grade spelling worksheets, lists, and tests.

Spelling Level D (4th Grade)

Our fourth grade spelling series has challenging phonics-based word lists.

Spelling Level E (5th Grade)

Did you know that we have spelling lists for fifth graders too? These lists have challenging words, advanced phonics worksheets, and advanced puzzles.

1st Grade Spelling (Old STW Spelling Series)

Grade 1 Spelling Series (Old)

This page has all 30 units from our old spelling series. For each unit, there is a list and two worksheets.

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