4th Grade Spelling Units (Level D)

From this page, you can jump to all of our 4th Grade (Level D) spelling units. There are 30 lists, plus an additional 4 holiday lists.

4th Grade Spelling Units
Spelling Unit D-1

Unit D-1 is the first unit in our 4th grade spelling series. This list has 25 words with the short-a and short-e vowel sounds. List includes: package, meant, taxes, shelf, rapid, dwell, eggplant, alligator, camper, attitude, special, nonsense, enter, activity, festive, elephant, measure, bandage, spend, and scrap.

Spelling Unit D-2

These spelling lists and worksheets feature short i, short-o, and short-u words, such as costume, olive, shock, follower, fudge, cousin, switch, fling, shrimp, window, octopus, suddenly, swift, crunch, cotton, kitchen, imitate, important, prompt, and building.

Spelling Unit D-3

Unit D-3 has long-a words, including painter, shape, danger, skater, space, drain, painful, faint, crazy, basic, famous, ranger, tasty, phrase, weight, frame, change, steak, radio, and eighth.

Spelling Unit D-4

This list has 20 long-e spelling words: cookie, season, freezing, breeze, eager, brief, shiny, stream, speaking, leader, jelly, seamstress, thirteen, relieved, honey, slimy, repeating, agree, thief, and beetle.

Spelling Unit D-5

Short-oo words are the focus on this week's spelling lessons. Word list: football, push, cushion, wonderful, pulled, pudding, sugar, bulletin, could, bookshelf, brook, goodbye, understood, woolly, wooden, crooked, bushel, would, shook, and lookout.

Spelling Unit D-6

This week's focus is long-oo and long-u words. List: uniform, mute, unicorn, threw, salute, stew, chewing, juice, curfew, usually, bugle, utensil, music, duel, blueberry, tuned, excuse, toothache, unusual, using.

Spelling Unit D-7

Long-i and long-o words are thiis week's theme. Throne, whole, mobile, boast, poet, frightening, license, throat, mileage, tonight, lighten, oldest, stolen, reply, thrive, highway, exercise, grown, recognize, toaster, icicle, and online.

Spelling Unit D-8

These words have vowel-consonant-(silent e) endings. Full list: phone, adore, supervise, lemonade, became, calculate, include, blame, impose, behave, underline, alone, scrape, alive, surprise, awhile, ignite, froze, drapes, and beside.

Spelling Unit D-9

The words in this unit have the /aw/ and /ou/ vowel sounds. Bounce, always, slouch, frown, sauce, aloud, sprout, mountain, false, howling, awful, drawn, jigsaw, awning, pounce, scouted, couch, scrounge, squawk, and coleslaw.

Spelling Unit D-10

This unit has words with double consonants. Officer, worried, arrival, scanner, proceed, fitness, equally, approve, install, mirror, grammar, career, warrior, offend, succeed, cabbage, traffic, swollen, toolbar, and glimmer.

Spelling Unit D-11

Pluralizing nouns that end with the letter y is the topic for this week. Puppies, surveys, candies, countries, parties, varieties, skies, railways, trays, hobbies, families, kidneys, journeys, flies, supplies, essays, keys, valleys, memories, and delays.

Spelling Unit D-12

More plural nouns. Word list: children, marches, potatoes, scarves, itches, heroes, brushes, twitches, patches, halves, foxes, echoes, sketches, women, loaves, wolves, stitches, compasses, species, and buffaloes.

Spelling Unit D-13

Words on this list are action verbs with -ed or -ing suffixes. Flying, visited, admitted, allowing, traveling, shortened, listening, controlled, participating, smiling, coughing, laughing, stopping, poured, inherited, worrying, argued, wandered, lied, and sobbed.

Spelling Unit D-14

Each of these words ends with the letters -el or -le. Carousel, barrel, middle, towel, channel, noodle, wiggle, jewel, caramel, pickle, eagle, cancel, bicycle, kennel, chuckle, couple, multiple, scramble, vowel, and parallel.

Spelling Unit D-15

Learn to spell comparative and superlative adjectives ending with -er and -est. Strongest, fastest, cleanest, tougher, silliest, heavier, darker, loudest, happier, sleepiest, colder, softer, highest, youngest, brighter, smoother, windiest, dirtier, hungrier, and calmer.

Spelling Unit D-16

Practice spelling compound words, such as: skateboard, shipwreck, strawberry, saltwater, everybody, dishwasher, wallpaper, windshield, motorboat, leadership, lifestyle, staircase, applesauce, yearbook, firefighter, daredevil, meatball, overdue, clockwise, and briefcase.

Spelling Unit D-17

These words have the /ow/ and /oi/ sounds. Allowance, noisy, royal, moisten, eyebrow, boiling, drowsy, boundary, fountain, astounding, joining, thousand, around, tower, cloudy, crowded, chowder, choice, employ, and appointment.

Spelling Unit D-18

This week's focus is prefixes. All words have one of the following prefixes: re-, mis-, un-, im-, and in-. Full list: mismatch, removed, unknown, review, rearrange, unlike, misplace, untangle, unhealthy, unequal, incorrect, reappear, mistaken, regroup, unable, impatient, unstable, recharge, impossible, and unwrapped.

Spelling Unit D-19

These spelling words all have suffixes. Colorful, cheerful, remarkable, adaptable, careless, active, reasonable, likable, breakable, memorable, breathless, impressive, honorable, hopeless, thoughtful, miserable, massive, wonderful, and creative, and spotless.

Spelling Unit D-20

The theme for this unit is r-controlled vowels. Word list: porcupine, splurge, purse, morning, creature, picture, circular, according, modern, search, argue, nature, afford, surround, service, pardon, tomorrow, sharpen, urgent, and apartment.

Spelling Unit D-21

This unit's words all have silent consonants. Words include: muscle, debris, salmon, doubt, cupboard, whistle, ballet, yolk, wrestle, plumber, column, gourmet, autumn, buffet, subtle, castle, soften, knowledge, answer, and daughter.

Spelling Unit D-22

Learn about homophones! List includes horse/hoarse, chilly/chili, cents/scents, disgust/discussed, ate/eight, and aisle/I'll.

NOTE: We are adding new spelling units each week. List D-22 will be ready very soon! If you're looking for more, please check out our old spelling series (link below).

Holiday Units
Halloween Spelling Unit (Level D)

This list has twenty-five Halloween words for your students to spell. Nighttime, witch, wizard, pumpkin, ghost, vampire, goblin, tombstone, October, shadows, jack-o-lantern, trick-or-treat, Frankenstein, scariest, and broomstick.

Thanksgiving Spelling Unit (USA)

This unit has the words Thanksgiving, autumn, colony, longhouse, Squanto, settler, squash, celebration, Pilgrim, Native American, grateful, vegetables, delicious, England, utensils, November, tradition, Thursday, stuffing, and cranberry.

Old STW Spelling Series
4th Grade Spelling (Level D) Old STW Series

The old STW spelling curriculum has 24 units. Each unit has one or two worksheets to go along with it.