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Science:  Matter

This page contains a collection of printable materials for teaching students about states of matter (solid, liquid, gas).  Includes a cut-and sort activity, higher-level thinking questions, and more.

Matter Worksheets
Article on the properties of matter and the differences between solids, liquids, and gases.  Includes fill-in-the-blanks question worksheet.
4th through 7th Grades
Common Core
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Tell whether each item is a solid, liquid, or gas.
3rd through 6th Grades
This printout defines the three states of matter: gas, liquid, and solid. Simple graphics and informative text describe how each form moves and changes (or doesn't change) shape.
3rd through 7th Grades
Sort the pictures into three categories - solid, liquid, and gas.  Cut, sort, and glue.
Learn about ice, liquid water, water vapor, evaporation, condensation, boiling, and freezing.
3rd through 6th Grades
Make a 4-page matter booklet; Includes take-home instructions and a grading rubric for teachers.
3rd through 7th Grades
Complete this fun crossword puzzle on the states of matter.
4th through 7th Grades
Four simple matter demonstrations you can perform to help your students learn about matter.
List the solids, liquids, and gases that can be seen in each picture.
Students make a foldable fortune teller (cootie catcher) game. When they play, they answer questions about solids, gases, and liquids.
3rd through 5th Grades
Get students thinking about matter.  If sand can be poured, why isn't it a liquid?  Can we feel water vapor in the air?  How can you observe gases without seeing them?
3rd through 6th Grades
Another basic article about the three states of matter, with a set of comprehension questions.
3rd through 5th Grades
Illustration of the molecules in a solid, liquid, and gas.
3rd through 6th Grades
A creative song to teach students about solids, liquids, and gases  (tune: "The Wheels on the Bus")
Learn about the properties of a liquid, a gas, and a solid with this catchy song!  (tune: "Bingo")

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Matter Worksheets - Solid, Liquid, Gas

Matter Worksheets - Reading Comprehension Article

Matter Worksheets - States of Water

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