Basic Multiplication

This site has hundreds of basic multiplication activities. Printables include multiplication games, quizzes, word problem worksheets, cut-and-glue activities, flashcards, math mystery pictures, and much, much more.

Basic Multiplication Facts
Basic Multiplication (0 through 10)

This page has lots of games, worksheets, flashcards, and activities for teaching all basic multiplication facts between 0 and 10.

Basic Multiplication (0 through 12)

On this page you'll find all of the resources you need for teaching basic facts through 12. Includes multiplication games, mystery pictures, quizzes, worksheets, and more.

Fact Families (Multiplication/Division)

In this area of our site, you'll find fact family circles, fact family houses, fact family triangles, and factor/factor/product boxes.

Multiplication Tables

This page has printable multiplication tables. Includes tables that are completely filled in, partly filled in, and blank.

Properties of Multiplication

Here you'll find worksheets on Properties of Multiplication, including Distributive Property, Associative Property, and Commutative Property.

Multiplication for Individual Numbers
Multiplication by 2s Only

This page is filled with worksheets of multiplying by 2s. This is a quiz, puzzles, skip counting, and more!

Multiplication by 3s Only

Jump to this page if you're working on multiplying numbers by 3 only.

Multiplication by 4s Only

Here are some practice worksheets and activities for teaching only the 4s times tables.

Multiplication by 5s Only

These games and worksheets focus on the number 5 as a factor.

Multiplication by 6s Only

If you're reviewing the 6 times tables, this page has some helpful resources.

Multiplying by 7s Only

Some of the multiplication facts with 7 as a factor can be tricky. Try these practice activities to help your students master these facts.

Multiplication by 8s Only

These printable learning activities feature 8 as a factor in basic multiplication.

Multiplication by 9s Only

When you're teaching students to multiply only by the number nine, use these printable worksheets.

Multiplication by 11s Only

This page has a set of worksheets on multiplying pairs of numbers in which one or more factors are 11.

Multi-Digit Multiplication
Multiplication: 2 Digits Times 1-Digit

On this page you have a large selection of 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication worksheets to choose from. (example: 32x5)

Multiplication: 3 Digits Times 1 Digit

On these PDF files, students can find the products of 3-digit numbers and 1-digit numbers. (example: 371x3)

Multiplication: 4 Digits Times 1 Digit

Review 4-digit by 1-digit multiplication problems with these worksheets and task cards. (example: 3,812x7)

Multiplication: 2 Digits Times 2 Digits

Here's a link to a set of worksheets with 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication problems on them. Includes math riddles, a Scoot game, task cards, and more. (example: 43x19)

Multiplication: 3 Digits Times 2 Digits

On these printables, your pupils will be multiplying 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. (example: 778x2)

Multiplication by 3-Digit Numbers

This collection features worksheets that require students to multiply by 3-digit numbers. (example: 235x129)

Multiplying Decimals

This page has lots of worksheets on finding the products of pairs of decimal numbers. (example: 1.3x5.6)

Multiplying Money

These worksheets will have students multiplying money amounts. (example: $5.67x3)

Lattice Multiplication

Use lattice grids to multiply large numbers together.

Multiplying Fractions

Learn to multiply fractions and mixed numbers with these printables.