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Awards & Certificates (Elementary)

Honor student achievement with these printable awards for math, reading, social studies, science, character education, and attendance.

Awards & Certificates (Kindergarten)

Acknowledge success with these printable kindergarten and preschool awards for counting, singing the ABCs, tying shoes, and more.


Print these anti-bullying stories and activities for use with your social skills lessons.

Calendars for Kids

This collection of printable, blank calendars for kids will keep your students on-track.

Classroom Newsletter (Generator)

Create your own custom classroom newsletters. Choose a layout, and your favorite theme. Then enter your own content.

Lined Paper

Print writing paper with primary rule lines (dotted lines), paper for intermediate students, and graph paper.

Music Worksheets

Worksheets for teaching students about music notation.

Parts of a Computer

Learn about the parts of a computer, such as the CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, router, and printer.

Projects - Crafts

Kids love these simple cut-and glue craft projects and finger puppets.

Reminder Wristbands

Use these printable reminder bracelets to help students remember library books, lunch money, upcoming tests, homework assignments, bus numbers, etc.

Sticker Charts for Kids

Keep track of reading or student behavior with these fun sticker charts.

Teacher Tools

Use these helpful lesson planners, student agenda pages, and gradebook pages.


This page has blank templates for many activities and worksheets. Includes build-a-word learning centers, flash cards, fortune tellers, and number detectives.

See Also:

Excel Elementary Gradebook

Use this Excel gradebook to keep track of student progress.

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