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Consonant FR Blends

This page has many different printable worksheets and activities to help students learn about the FR consonant blend.

Consonant Blend: FR - Worksheets

Cut and Glue Activities

Cut out each of the FR words on the bottom of this worksheet and glue them in the box below the corresponding picture.
1st Grade
Common Core
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This mini-book features FR words. Have your students color the pictures, write the words, cut the pages, and staple them together to form a book.
1st Grade
Cut out the pictures at the bottom section of this worksheet and glue them in the correct column.
1st Grade
Students will color, cut, and assemble these printable phonics flip books containing FR words.
1st Grade
This is another cut-and-glue activity in which students will cut out the letter squares and glue them in the boxes to make the words "frog" and "frame".
1st Grade
This printable activity has 8 pennants that can be cut, colored, and strung up on string or rope to hang around the classroom featuring words with the FR consonant blend.
1st Grade


Find the missing letter from the words: fruit, fries, frame, and frog.
1st Grade
Using the FR words in the word bank, write the correct FR word to complete each of the four sentences.
1st Grade
There are six illustrations on this worksheet. Using the word bank at the top, write the FR word on the lines below each picture.
1st Grade
There is a picture of a frog, a frame, fruit, and friends for students to color in, trace the word, and then write the word on the primary-ruled lines.
1st Grade
Draw a line from the picture on the left side to the matching word on the right side of this worksheet.
1st Grade
This web-shaped graphic organizer is intended for students to use the illustrations as hints to find FR words and then think of more to write down.
1st Grade
This printable has 8 sets of primary-ruled lines for students to think up more words with the FR consonant blend.
1st Grade
This phonics anchor chart shows the fr- words frog, frame, fraction, fridge, fries, frisbee, fruit, and friends.
1st and 2nd Grades

Games & Learning Centers

This printable has 18 cards to use with different activities to learn about FR words.
1st Grade
Cut and arrange these 25 word cards to make different sentences and then write those sentences on the primary-ruled lines on the attached pages.
1st Grade
Students can use letter stampers to make the following words: free, from, frost, frog, and friend.
1st Grade

Flashcards, Sliders, and Word Wheels

Print out these 18 flashcards that all have words with the FR consonant blend. Use the flashcards to practice or to play.
1st Grade
Cut out this airplane-shaped word slider. Weave the word strip through the slits in the middle of the airplane and move it up and down to reveal different FR words.
1st Grade
Print this word wheel printable on card stock paper for best results. Cut out the two wheels and attach with a paper fastener. Spin the wheel around to reveal different words with the FR consonant blend.
1st Grade
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Consonant Blends

STW has hundreds of printable phonics worksheets for teaching consonant blends. Common blends include: l-family blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl) and r-family blends (br, cr, dr, gr, tr).

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FR Consonant Blend - Phonics Worksheets

Printable Phonics Worksheets - Consonant Blend - FR

Phonics Consonant Blend FR - Printable Worksheets

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