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Order of Operations

The pages below contain printable worksheets for teaching Order of Operations.

The most basic level does not include parenthesis or exponents. The intermediate level contains parenthesis only. The highest level has both parenthesis and exponents.

Order of Operations Worksheets
Basic Level:
Order of Operations
(No Parentheses; No Exponents)

On these very basic Order of Operations worksheets and task cards, expressions and equations have no parenthesis and no exponents.
example: 4 × 7 + 8 - 2

Intermediate Level:
Order of Operations
(Includes Parentheses; No Exponents)

These worksheets and task cards feature equations and expressions with parenthesis, but not exponents.
example: 3 × (4 + 5) - 7

Advanced Level:
Order of Operations
(Includes Exponents)

On these order of operations worksheets, students will evaluate expressions and solve equations with both parenthesis and exponents.
example: 3² ÷ (9 - 7)

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