Super Teacher Worksheets

Early Literacy

Early Literacy Worksheets
Alphabet Worksheets

Students will trace, color, and write letters on these alphabet worksheets.


Assemble and read these simple mini-books for very young readers.

Poems and Poetry

Looking for cute poems to share with your class? We have lots!

Printing Letters

Trace and print each letter of the alphabet. We have worksheets with upper and lowercase letters.

Phonics Worksheets

We have a page of worksheets for each consonant and vowel sound, as well as blends and digraphs.

Phonics: Consonant Blends

This page will link to you hundreds of phonics worksheets for teaching consonant blends.

Phonics: Vowel Sounds

Practice reading and recognizing words with long and short vowel sounds.

Phonics Word Wheels

Assemble the word wheels. Then kids can read the word family words aloud as you spin the wheels.

Rhyming Worksheets

Learn about rhyming words with these activities.

Sentences (Basic Building Sentences)

With these cut-and-glue activities, young children can build very simple sentences.

Sentences (Basic Writing)

Write basic sentences with simple, repeated beginnings. Easy writing activities for Kindergarten and first graders.

Sight Word Units

We have an entire curriculum of 30 sight word units. Each unit has a take-home list, practice worksheets, reading practice tools, and assessment sheets. We recommend doing one unit per week.

Sight Words (Individual Words)

Here you'll find a list of over 150 sight words. Each word has a several worksheets. (For example, you'll find several worksheets for teaching students to read and write the word that.)

Sight Words (Dolch Words)

Use these flashcards, bingo games, checklists, and worksheets to help your students master all 220 Dolch sight words.

Sight Words (Fry Words)

We have word wheels, games, and worksheets to help your kids master the Fry Instant Sight Words.

Word Family Units

This page contains a collection of word families units. Includes -an words, -am words, -ear words, -ack words, -ail words, and dozens more. Each unit contains worksheets, word wheels, flashcards, and sliders.

See Also:
First Grade Reading Comprehension

We have simple reading comprehension passages with questions for first graders.

First Grade Spelling

We have a full first grade spelling curriculum, complete with printable word lists, worksheets, and test forms.

Kindergarten Worksheets

We have hundreds of worksheets and printable activities for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten students. Browse the entire collection.

Theme Printables

Themes include farm worksheets, zoo animal printables, sea life activities, and apple worksheets.

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