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5th Grade Spelling Units (Level E)

5th Grade Spelling Worksheets
Spelling Unit E-1

This spelling unit has short a and short e words. Word list: captain, battery, distract, gratitude, expand, relax, thrash, attack, snagged, empty, thread, elect, expect, present, nestle, trendsetter, century, spread, and rebel.

Spelling Unit E-2

Unit two's word list has short i, short o, and short u words. List includes umbrella, shriveled, pulse, injure, lodge, wilted, ignite, nominate, shimmer, pondering, obscure, punish, nonsense, spinning, publish, prong, function, longitude ultimate, and signal.

Spelling Unit E-3

This week's focus is on the long a and long e vowel sounds. The words are: skiing, gracious, breathe, complain, waist, ratio, angrily, concrete, believe, behave, remain, reason, nation, niece, ashamed, between, squeal, decade, evict, and amaze.

Spelling Unit E-4

Unit E-4's focus is on words with a long i and long o sounds, such as island, choke, arrival, silent, twilight, iodine, cocoa, photo, ignite, rivalry, shoulder, publish, bowling, wholesome, strike, ninety, trial, blown, dough, sparrow, stow, pondering, zodiac, motivation, and growth.

Spelling Unit E-5

This unit features words with r-controlled vowel sounds. Full list: consumer, pier, hangar, charcoal, porch, concrete, churn, scorch, amaze, orchard, heartfelt, spider, explorer, garden, clerk, evict, guitar, computer, error, charge, thirsty, nerve, quarter, and scarce.

Spelling Unit E-6

Words in unit E-6 have the /z/ and /s/ sounds. Bicycle, license, phase, medicine, cancel, cereal, because, triceps, sincere, sizes, those, accept, closet, recent, lose, forceful, city, adjacent, distance, arose, scores, and choose.

Spelling Unit E-7

Plural nouns are the topic for E-7. Complete spelling words: monkeys, criteria, lenses, knives, pennies, thieves, wives, addresses, loaves, puppies, families, oxen, alumni, shelves, intestines, geese, tomatoes, batteries, radios, potatoes, bakeries, and roofs.

Spelling Unit E-8

Look for the sounds /j/, /ch/, and /sh/ is these words: refrigerator, lotion, hinge, vision, vacation, shambles, initial, precious, challenge, advantage, college, question, general, fortune, mansion, culture, cherish, capture, genius, correction, giraffe, and patient.

Spelling Unit E-9

These words have silent letters. Word list: lightning, yacht, kneel, crumb, honorable, calf, lamb, character, flight, psychology, resign, condemn, rhythm, butcher, debris, plumber, castle, knife, autumn, assignment, climb, and whistle.

Spelling Unit E-10

Practice words ending in -ar, -er, -ir, and -or. Anchor, elevator, cylinder, lighter, ancestor, grammar, solar, laser, discolor, counselor, educator, whimper, believer, narrator, censor, carrier, projector, triangular, vinegar, and neighbor.

Spelling Unit E-11

This week we have more words with silent letters. Ballet, chaos, knowledge, knitting, tomb, wrestle, thorough, gnaw, hustle, rustle, assign, wrench, match, playwright, scissors, handsome, answer, muscle, scratch, fudge, bomb, and knuckle.

Spelling Unit E-12

These words have prefixes. Preschool, review, rearrange, forewarn, prefix, transform, preview, disconnect, remove, rewind, disorder, forecaster, transportation, previously, disappear, disapprove, prehistoric, preface, impolite, and transition.

Spelling Unit E-13

This week's words each have one of the following suffixes: -full, -ous, -less, -able. Word list: graceful, careful, harmless, humorous, breakable, worthless, helpless, predictable, peaceful, beautiful, cordless, sleepless, faithful, hazardous, thoughtless, dependable, lovable, comfortable, poisonous, and fearful.

Spelling Unit E-14

Unit fourteen has words with the /ow/ and /oi/ vowel sounds. Mountain, oyster, employee, surrounded, joust, soiled, poise, oily, bound, loyal, outsider, drowsy, chowder, coiled, coward, grounded, allowed, avoid, annoying, appointment, grouchy, and pounded.

Spelling Unit E-15

These words have the /k/ and /kw/ sounds. Squid, quality, inquire, confusion, quantity, unequal, unique, squeeze, quadrilateral, ache, quieter, echo, magical, occupy, confident, quickly, chemical, squawk, cosmic, and luckily.

Spelling Unit E-16

Homophones are the topic for this spelling list. Witch-which; steel-steal; plane-plain; flour-flower; hole-whole; petal-peddle; weather-whether; night-knight; bare-bear; they're-their-there.

Spelling Unit E-17

This list has regular and irregular past tense verbs, such as: wrapped, delayed, visited, repaired, understood, became, caught, managed, awoke, studied, shook, belonged, signed, preferred, withdrew, attacked, traveled, puzzled, bought, and chatted.

Spelling Unit E-18

This week's list has present participle verbs and adjectives with the -ing ending. Observing, agreeing, mimicking, exciting, pleasing, frustrating, panicking, scrubbing, selecting, munching, confusing, sounding, appearing, complaining, hiking, laughing, copying, squirting, regulating, and changing.

Spelling Unit E-19

These words have the /aw/ sound. Hawk, faucet, cause, awfully, taught, sauce, alright, daughter, officer, thought, frosted, laundry, installation, awning, applaud, coleslaw, cough, sausage, lawful, author, scrawny, and brawl.

Spelling Unit E-20

Three syllables in each spelling word. Dinosaur, artistic, tomorrow, paragraph, reaction, syllable, miracle, frantically, company, however, magazine, probably, sanitize, area, dangerous, celebrate, department, elephant, regulate, faithfully, exercise, and accident.

Spelling Unit E-21

Four-syllable words are the topic for this set. Librarian, impossible, understanding, institution, discovery, anonymous, resolution, alphabetize, automatic, disagreement, experience, obedient, disillusion, personally, reservation, regulation, patriotic, salutations, conservative, temperature, invisible, and contribution.

Spelling Unit E-22

All of the words in this list have five-syllables. Cafeteria, electricity, curiosity, generosity, unforgettable, particularly, university, organization, imagination, underestimate, undeniable, discrimination, appreciation, misunderstanding, classification, anniversary, congratulations, elementary, anticipation, and diagonally.

Spelling Unit E-23

These words have the long-oo and long-u vowel sounds. Balloon, peruse, cubic, unicycle, value, duet, beauty, usually, mutation, amuse, musical, nephew, vacuum, bruise, unicorn, unit, pursue, confuse, youthful, and issue.

Spelling Unit E-24

This list has words with the letters W, X, Y, and Z. Wheelbarrow, whimsical, awesome, awful, yawning, pretzel, bypass, wreckage, zipper, wrestle, hoax, agonize, yearning, coax, amazing, wardrobe, seized, gazed, yogurt, and woozy.

Spelling Unit E-25

In this unit, kids will practice spelling compound words, such as knapsack, merry-go-round, extracurricular, lifeguard, cleanup, background., storyteller, roommate, childcare, headquarters, graveyard, brainstorm, commonplace, outpatient, highway, flashlight, workstation, headache, fundraiser, goodbye, spokesperson, and self-defense.

Spelling Unit E-26

Practice spelling words with double consonants, such as: juggle, flatter, happily, mattress, broccoli, finally, bookkeeper, questionnaire, current, traffic, business, galloping, recommend, accidentally, tissue, strawberries, intelligent, collections, zucchini, embarrass, valley, savvy.

Spelling Unit E-27

This week students will be spelling proper nouns. Statue of Liberty, Antarctica, February, Pacific Ocean, Niagara Falls, January, Empire State Building, San Diego Zoo, Mt. Everest, Walt Disney, Golden Gate Bridge, Jupiter, Grand Canyon, December, Queen Elizabeth, Eiffel Tower, Friday, Florida, North America, St. Patrick's Day, Neptune, and Wednesday.

Spelling Unit E-28

The twenty-eighth unit focuses on demonyms. (A demonym is a name given to the residents of a specific continent, country or region.) American, Peruvian, German, Italian, Australian, Japanese, Norwegian, Colombian, European, Hispanic, French, British, African, Chinese, Canadian, Welsh, Dutch, Cuban, Asian, Bolivian, Portuguese, Mexican.

Spelling Unit E-29

Learn to spell the full variation of clipped words. Telephone (phone), referee (ref), teenager (teen), veterinarian (vet), photograph (photo), influenza (flu), advertisement (ad), mathematics (math), luncheon (lunch), microphone (mic), fanatic (fan), laboratory (lab), gasoline (gas), moving picture (movie), dormitory (dorm), limousine (limo), memorandum (memo), gymnasium (gym), examination (exam), airplane (plane), champion (champ), and demonstration (demo).

Spelling Unit E-30

Master the spellings of commonly misspelled words, such as: calendar, dessert, quiet, acknowledgment, definitely, separate, desert, twelfth, quite, chief, surprise, medieval, reference, weird, grateful, jewelry, mischievous, rhyme, restaurant, conscience, accommodate, and receipt.

Holiday Spelling Units

Halloween Unit

This special Halloween unit contains the following spelling words: skeleton, Halloween, trick-or-treat, gruesome, werewolf, haystacks, ghostly, ghoulish, haunted house, costumes, spooky, frightening, pumpkin, Frankenstein, tombstone, nightmare, phantom, horror, cemetery, cauldron, hoax, vampire, magical, spider, and goblins.

Thanksgiving Unit

This list has Thanksgiving-themed words, such as: Mayflower, delicious, Puritans, Native American, autumn, potatoes, feast, cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving, centerpiece, November, Plymouth Rock, fowl, tradition, Thursday, Pilgrim, celebration, canoe, vegetables, and Squanto.

Christmas Unit

The Christmas-themed list includes: Rudolph, exchange, mistletoe, twinkling lights, presents, angel, sleigh bells, wrapping, Christmas, Santa Claus, elves, chestnuts, snowfall, evergreen, reindeer, poinsettia, chimney, caroling, tinsel, pageant, ornaments, gingerbread, wreath, and fruit cake.

Easter Unit

The follow spelling words are in this Easter-themed unit: lily, joyous, blossoms, bonnet, brunch, Peter Cottontail, chocolates, Easter, rabbits, colored eggs, springtime, baskets, hard-boiled eggs, pastels, decorate, jellybeans, daffodil, parade, outfits, and butterfly.

Theme Units

Math Words (Theme)

This math-themed spelling unit contains the following words: addend, subtraction, difference, measurement, circumference, angle, dividend, probability, geometry, fraction, product, infinity, symmetry, polygon, octagon, denominator, numerator, numeral, cylinder, pyramid, graphing, decimal, perimeter, diameter, and radius.

Science Words (Theme)

Here are the spelling words in this science-themed unit: scientist, astronomer, biologist, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, energy, chemist, laboratory, oxygen, atom, fossil, hypothesis, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, molecule, experiment, environment, ecosystem, graduated cylinder, microscope, electron, genome, organism, photosynthesis, and cellular.

Social Studies Words (Theme)

This social studies-themed spelling unit contains the following words: soldier, colonist, American Revolution, archaeology, Appalachian Mountains, capitalism, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, republic, railroad, president, Hoover Dam, Civil War, Industrial Revolution, historical, Washington D.C., Thomas Jefferson, immigration, Mt. Rushmore, pioneer, geography, hemisphere, Star Spangled Banner, and Mississippi River.

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