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Social Studies Worksheets

Social Studies Worksheets
Social Studies Worksheets

Learn about Columbus, Magellan, Cortez, and other famous explorers.


Learn landform vocabulary words, such as plain, plateau, mesa, volcano, cliff, isthmus, mountain, and hill.

Maps (Geography)

Learn geography by coloring and labeling these blank maps of the continents and the United States.

Maps (Basic Map Skills)

Learn about the compass rose, key, and reading a street map, and other basic map skills with these worksheets.

Money and Economics

Learn about goods & services, supply & demand, as well as needs & wants.

Native Americans

This page has craft activities and printable worksheets for teaching young students about Native American culture and history.

Notable People

This page has coloring pages for a variety of notable people, including Neil Armstrong, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Sally Ride, and many more. Students might use the images to illustrate biographical essay projects. Or simply color them to decorate your classroom bulletin board.


Download blank timeline worksheets and timelines with questions.

Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities

Compare and contrast rural, suburban, and urban communities.

Women's History

Download biographical reading passages and worksheets on heroic women. Includes Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, Helen Keller, Clara Barton, Louisa May Alcott, and many more.

Ancient Civilizations

Learn about the Great Pyramids, the Sphynx, and the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.


Explore ancient Greece with a fun and informative scavenger hunt, learn the letters of the Greek alphabet, review vocabulary like democracy and philosophy, and more!


With these reading comprehension passages and coloring pages, students will learn about the Colosseum, gladiators, and chariots of ancient Rome.

United States Government, Geography, & History
American Revolution

Use these printable worksheets to learn all about the Revolutionary War, America's founding fathers, and the Declaration of Independence.

Branches of Government

Check out this page to learn about separation of powers, checks and balances, and how that makes up the Branches of the U.S. Government.

Colonial America

Learn about the 13 American colonies with these printable worksheets, maps, and activities.


This page has a few reading comprehension passages and worksheets for teaching students about the US Constitution.

Patriotic Symbols (USA)

Learn, color, and read about many American patriotic symbols, such as the bald eagle, the flag, and others.


This page has a president research project, president coloring pages, non-fiction reading comprehension passages, and more.

USA: States and Capitals

Learn about the 50 United States and capitals with these maps, quizzes, worksheets and activities.

USA: Individual States

Here you'll find a link to a page with worksheets on each of the 50 states, as well as Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. Choose any state to download maps, puzzles, and more.

USA States: Penelope Peabody is Lost

Penelope Peabody is driving around the 50 states and she keeps getting lost. Use the clues to determine which state she's in.

Word War I

This page has printable reading comprehension passages for teaching students about the first World War.

Word War II

Here you'll find reading comprehension passages and worksheets for helping students learn about World War II.

Canadian Geography and History
Canadian Provinces and Territories

Learn about Canada's provinces and territories with maps, games, and more.

Penelope Peabody: Lost in Canada

Penelope keeps getting lost around Canada. Use the clues in each reading passage to figure out which province or territory she's in.

Australia and New Zealand

Learn about Australia's states and capitals, as well as New Zealand's islands.


Learn about Canada's provinces and capitals with these printable maps, games, and worksheets.


Learn about China with these printable map activities, puzzle worksheets, coloring pages, and reading comprehension passages.


Color the French flag. Print out maps of France Color a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Try the word puzzles and the maze.


Download Germany coloring pages, maps, flags, and other printable activities.


This page has printable maps, flags, and coloring pages that you can used when teaching students about Italy.


Learn about Japan with these printable coloring pages, word puzzles, and maps.

Republic of South Africa

Download and print blank and labeled maps of the Republic of South Africa.

United Kingdom

Use this collection of maps and worksheets to teach students about the United Kingdom.

More Geography

This page has printable maps of Antarctica, as well as a reading comprehension passages about penguins, and a coloring page with a picture of the ceremonial South Pole.

Greek Mythology

Learn about Greek deities with these printable word puzzles, reading comprehension passages, reference tables, coloring pages, and flashcards.

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