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Fix the Sentences

Students correct the mistakes on these printable PDF worksheets. They can be used individually, or as weekly or daily review activities.

Fix the Sentence Worksheets
Fix the Sentences: Level A (1st Grade)

On these worksheets, students look for errors and rewrite sentences correctly. Errors are usually in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling of simple words. Worksheets can be used as daily/weekly review, or individually.

Fix the Sentences: Level B (2nd Grade)

In this set of worksheets, students look for errors in capitalization, punctuation (periods and question marks), contractions (apostrophes), and spelling of sight words.

Fix the Sentences: Level C (3rd Grade)

Here you'll find the 3rd Grade (Level C) worksheets in the series. Students will also correct errors related to subject-verb agreement, capitalization of proper nouns, commas, and sentence structure.

Fix the Sentences: Level D (4th Grade)

On this page you'll find the 4th Grade (Level D) worksheets in the series. Students will use these worksheets to correct errors related to subject-verb agreement, capitalization, sentence structure, punctuation, and more.

Fix the Sentences: Level E (5th Grade)

Fifth-grade students will use the worksheets on this page to practice their proofreading skills and correct errors having to do with subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, and more.

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