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Phonics Blends - Worksheets

Consonant Blend Families

Phonics L-Family Blends (Bl, Cl, Fl, Gl, Pl, Sl)

This page has a large selection of cut-and-glue activities, card games, mini-books, and worksheets to teach students about phonics L-Family blends. Sounds in this family include: bl- (like blue and block), cl- (like clip and clam), fl- (like and drive), fr- (like flag and flute), gl- (like glue and glass), pl- (like plane and plate), and sl- (like sleep and sled).

Phonics R-Family Blends (Br, Cr, Dr, Fr, Gr, Tr)

On this page you'll be able to print a variety of r-family consonant blend worksheets. Includes several cut-and-glue activities, writing practice worksheets, card sort games, and much more. Sounds in this family include: br- (like brain and brush and broom), cr- (like crab and crib), dr- (like drop and drive), fr- (like fruit and frog), gr- (like grapes and gray), and tr- (like tree and truck).

Individual Two-Letter Blends

Consonant Blend: Bl-

This page has over 20 worksheets for teaching the consonant bl- blend. Includes mini-books, pennant activities, worksheets, matching and sorting games, and puzzles. Words include: black, blow, blue, bloom, blast, and blinds.

Consonant Blend: Br-

If you're teaching the /br/ sound, you'll want to browse through these phonics files. Includes build-a-word activities, writing practice, a word wheel, and several cut-and-glue worksheets. Words include: broom, brush, brick, branch, bread, and brain.

Consonant Blend: Cl-

Try these worksheets and printable games when you're teaching early readers about the /cl/ sound. There are many cut-and-glue worksheets, flashcards, a word slider, a word web, and a sorting game. Words in this set include: clap, clown, clover, clam, clip, clothes, and climb.

Consonant Blend: Cr-

Practice the cr- consonant blend with this collection of printables. You'll find a variety of writing worksheets, cut-and-paste lessons, printable card sorting games, and and build-a-word activities. Over sixteen PDF files are available on this page. Words include: cry, crib, crack, crab, creek, and crown.

Consonant Blend: Dr-

Here are the worksheets that focus on words that begin with dr-. Practice reading and writing dr- words; Make a lovely phonics pennant display; and assemble a dr- miniature book. Words in this set include drive, dress, drop, driveway, drum, and dragon.

Consonant Blend: Fl-

These games, printable worksheets, and reading practice sheets cover the fl- phonics blend. Words include: fly, flag, flame, floss, and flute.

Consonant Blend: Fr-

Use these printables to help kids learn to read and write words like frog, fries, friend, fruit, and frisbee.

Consonant Blend: Gl-

These printable phonics resources can help students learn to decode gl- words, such as glass, glue, glad, globe, and glove.

Consonant Blend: Gr-

In this section of the site, we focus on the gr- phonics blend. Practice words like grass, grapes, grill, and grow.

Consonant Blend: Pl-

STW has a nice selection of phonics blend pl- worksheets. There are mini-books, cut-and paste activities, a word wheel, flashcards, and more.

Consonant Blend: Pr-

We have a phonics unit on pr- blends. Focus on teaching students to write and read words like princess, price, and pretzel.

Consonant Blend: Sc-

Have your students practice reading, writing, and identifying words beginning with the SC consonant blend with this phonics unit. There are several cut-and-glue worksheets, flash cards, a word slider, and more! Words included in this unit are: scooter, scare, scoop, scarecrow, scarf, scope, and scout.

Consonant Blend: Sk-

This unit is filled with a large variety of worksheets highlighting words that have the SK consonant blend. Words in this set include: skip, ski, skate, skunk, sky, and skill.

Consonant Blend: Sl-

The words on these worksheets all have the /sl/ sound. Your students will love coloring the pictures in the mini-book. Challenge your class with the word sort games. Sharpen your safety scissors for the terrific cut-n-glue activities. Words in this set include: sled, sleep, slide, slice, sloth, and slug.

Consonant Blend: Sn-

Fill up your printer with ink because this page has so many great phonics worksheets for teaching the /sn/ sound. Words in this series include: snake, snip, snow, snail, snack, and sniff.

Consonant Blend: Sp-

Print out any of these printable worksheets featuring SP words. We have a word wheel, a word slider, game cards, flash cards, cut-and-glue activities, and writing activities.

Consonant Blend: St-

In this section of our site, you'll find the most marvelous collection of consonant blends st- worksheets on the whole Internet. Mini-books, writing practice, word wheels, sliders, matching worksheets, and phonics sorts. Words in this group include: stop, stool, stay, star, stump, and story.

Consonant Blends: Sw-

This unit features words that begin with SW, such as: sweater, swan, sweep, swing, and swim.

Consonant Blend: Tr-

The focus for these worksheets is the /tr/ sound. Kids will enjoy the cut-and-glue build-a-word activities, as well as the letter stampers learning center. Or you can try the word-picture matching game. Words in this set include: train, tree, tray, truck, trash, triangle, and tractor.

Three-Letter Blends

Consonant Blend: Scr-

Help your students practice using words like scribble, scream, and scrape with these /scr/ worksheets. Files include flash cards, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, cut-and-paste activities, a phonics card game, and more.

Consonant Blend: Shr-

Use these printables in your classroom to help teach students about the /shr/ blend.

Consonant Blend: Spl-

Check out our /spl/ blend worksheets, which include classroom games, matching activities, writing practice, a word wheel, and much more.

Consonant Blend: Spr-

Our collection of cut-and-paste activities, word wheels, letter-stamper worksheets, and more will help your students master the /spr/ blend with words like spray, spread, and sprinkler.

Consonant Blend: Squ-

Click here to see our worksheets on the three-letter blend /squ/. We have word wheels, sliders, cut-and-glue activities, and more!

Consonant Blend: Str-

If you're learning about the three-letter str- blend, take a look at these activities. There's a word search puzzle, a CLOZE sentence activity, and a trace-and-write worksheet. Words in this set include: stripe, string, strap, straw, and streak.

Consonant Blend: Thr-

Click here to see our various worksheets on /thr/ blends. We have worksheets students can work on in groups or independently, learning center activities, and more!

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