Juneteenth Windsock Decoration

Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate Juneteenth into your classroom? Check out this craft that doubles as an informative activity about the Juneteenth flag and a decoration!

Mother's Day Cards

May is a month to honor the mothers and mother figures in our lives. It’s also a wonderful time to thank others, such as good friends, teachers, classroom assistants, and anyone who makes a difference in our lives. What better way to do that than with a thoughtful card? Kids will enjoy creating a handmade card for their mother, aunt, grandmother, friend, teacher, or any other important person in their life.

Museum of Earth Day

The April blog contains a fun and eco-friendly art activity to celebrate Earth Day with your students! In this project, kids will create beautiful Earth Day art pieces using recycled materials. Not only is this activity fun (and possibly a tiny bit messy), it also promotes sustainability and good Earth citizenship.

Pi Day Art

As we gear up for the excitement of Pi Day on March 14th, let's infuse our classrooms with a blend of learning and creativity. In this blog post, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Pi Circle Art—an activity designed to introduce elementary students to the concept of pi while creating works of art. So, gather your supplies and call Sotheby’s, because we are about to have a collection of masterpieces.

I Believe That We Are Gonna Be Friends

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate friendship and love in the classroom! Immerse your students in a heartwarming craft activity by making beautiful friendship bracelets. Follow these simple steps to create memorable keepsakes that embody the season's spirit.

Making 2024 Resolutions Pop with Art!

It's a brand-new year, and what better way to get your students excited about 2024 than with some awesome New Year's resolution art? We're diving into a craft that'll have your students dreaming big and reaching for the stars. Let's grab our creative gear and get started!

Winter Writing Prompts

Hey there, teachers!! With winter's icy fingers tapping at our windows, let's cozy up and spark the imaginations of our young writers. How about we dive into some winter writing prompts to warm up those creative minds? Let's sprinkle a little magic into those frosty days with these prompts:

Turkey Craft to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Hey, teachers! It's November, and you know what that means—it's turkey time! How about hosting a super fun "Turkey Craft Day" to get your students into the Thanksgiving spirit? Let's dive into this step-by-step guide for making adorable paper turkeys!

Fall Fun: Leaf Rubbing Art in the Classroom

Hello, teachers! As fall arrives, the world outside gets colorful and a little chilly. It's a great time to bring nature into your classroom with a fun activity: leaf-rubbing art. Keep reading to get started.

7 Tips for Your Best Open House Ever!

It’s that time of year again! Gear up for your annual back-to-school open house or meet-the-teacher night and make the event your best one yet with seven tips featured in our September blog post. Keep reading to find out how you can rock this year’s open house!

5 Teacher Hacks to Simplify Your First Week Back to School

Get the new school year off to a great start with five teacher organization hacks featured in our August blog post. The following tips and tricks will help you navigate back-to-school time with ease and set yourself up for a successful start to the 2023-24 school year. Keep reading to find out more.

Summer Snack Recipe: Healthy Homemade Gummies

Fruit snacks, or gummies, are an easy and delicious grab-and-go snack for your family’s fun summer activities. In our July blog post, check out a simple recipe for healthy homemade fruit snacks your kids will love. Keep reading to find out more.

15 Works of Classic Children’s Literature for Summer Break

Cultivate a love of reading in your children this summer by helping them discover beloved works of classic children’s literature. In the following guide, we have selected a few of our favorite timeless tales for children of all ages. Browse our top picks and add a few or all of them to your children’s summer reading lists!

Five Ways to Use Task Cards for End-of-the-Year Review

Looking for fresh ways to mix up your end-of-the-school-year review sessions? Try printable task cards from Super Teacher Worksheets! In our May blog post, we suggest five fun and flexible ways to use our printable task cards for review time in the classroom or at home. Keep reading to find out more.

Make a Planet Earth Suncatcher

Commemorate Earth Day with a delightful suncatcher craft. In our April blog post, learn how to make a dazzling Planet Earth suncatcher with little ones. You only need a few materials to make this eye-catching art project in the classroom or at home. Read on to find out more.

Read Aloud Magic

Whether you are an elementary school teacher, a homeschool educator, or a loving parent, the secret is out: you can have an incredible impact on children by reading aloud to them. In our March blog post, we take a look at ten amazing benefits of reading out loud to children of all ages, so you can create more read-aloud moments either in the classroom with your students or at home with your children. Read on to find out more.

Valentine’s Day Creative Writing Prompts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Celebrate with a creative writing activity your students will love. Check out the following creative writing prompts, and use some or all of them with your class in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Make Magical Ice Bubbles

Make the most of freezing January temperatures, bundle up the little ones, and head outside for a fascinating winter science experiment! Children will love discovering the beauty of frozen bubbles with this easy and fun activity. Grab a bottle of bubbles and head outside with us to make magical ice bubbles.

Christmas Carol Brain Teaser Puzzles

Who doesn’t love a good rebus puzzle? In the spirit of the holiday season, we put together a clever brain teaser activity your students will love. Can they solve all the Christmas rebus puzzles in this free printable activity? Give it a go with your class!

Math at the Movies

Give your students real-world math skills practice with a fun activity featured in our November blog post. Children will practice counting money, telling time, and calculating percents and fractions of the whole as they plan an outing to the movies. Read on to find out more!

Pumpkin Five Senses

Autumn has arrived! Celebrate the season with an activity that introduces the five senses to little ones. In this easy activity for young learners, children will explore a pumpkin using their sense of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. We include a free printable five senses worksheet to make this activity extra doable and fun. Read on to find out more.

Make a Back-to-School Photo Frame 3 Ways

Welcome back to school! Celebrate the first days of school with an adorable keepsake photo frame students can make out of popsicle sticks. In our September blog post, check out our easy tutorial for making a back-to-school photo frame three different ways. Read on to find out more and get started.

Practice Spelling with a Giant Backyard Scrabble Game

Get outside and practice spelling skills with a backyard game your whole family will love! In our August blog post, we share a quick and easy tutorial for making jumbo alphabet letters that kids can use to spell words Scrabble-style on the lawn. Read on to find out more.

Make Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint for Summer

We all know sidewalk chalk is synonymous with summer! In our July blog post, we're featuring a DIY puffy sidewalk chalk paint recipe that will help your little ones take their pavement artwork to new heights! This recipe is quick and easy to whip up, and you only need four ingredients. Read on to find out more.

Take Learning Outdoors This Summer

School may be out for the summer, but there are plenty of ways to take learning outside as a family! In our June blog post, check out five family field trips or activities you can do with little ones to help them discover a love of nature. These educational activities are perfect for getting children outdoors this summer—without breaking the bank! Read on to find out more.

3 Poetry Activities for Spring

Grow creative writing skills with three seasonal poetry activities for kids! In our May blog post, we're featuring three poetry writing exercises you can do with your students to celebrate spring. Get ready to practice acrostic poetry, couplets, and haiku poetry. We have even included several printable worksheets to make these activities easy and convenient! Read on to find out more.

Jelly Bean Rainbow Science

What could be more exciting than a jelly bean science experiment?! In this activity, your little learners will make mesmerizing rainbow patterns with jelly beans and water. This science project couldn't be easier or more fun—grab a pack of jelly beans and read on to find out more!

Make Adorable Fraction Pies

Get ready for Pi Day on March 14th with an adorable math craft your students will love. On Pi Day, math enthusiasts everywhere celebrate the mathematical constant, π (pi), whose first three digits are 3.14. While pi signifies the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, in this activity, we're celebrating a more universal recognition of pie...the food! Children will make their own fruit pie craft and use it to practice fractions. Read on to find out more!

Word Family Snack Stack

Stack up word family skills with your students' favorite snacks! In our February blog post, check out three fun word family activities featuring snack foods. Use these word family games in the classroom or at home to practice word families with your little learners. Read on to find out more.

Arctic Animals with Cool Camouflage

How do some of the planet's coolest creatures survive their icy arctic habitat? Learn all about arctic animals in the following seasonal science activity. Your students will use the activity worksheet included to guide them through an exploration of animals that depend on their white winter coats to survive in the arctic. Start the new year with an animal science adventure your students will love! Read on to find out more.

Celebrate Holidays Around the World

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Help your students discover how countries around the world celebrate the holiday season. From Christmas and Hanukkah to Kwanzaa and St. Lucia Day, there's lots to learn about the holiday season. Check out the printable research project template we have included with this activity and get ready to explore how people around the world embrace the wonder of the season. Read on to find out more.

Celebrate Native American Heritage

November is National Native American Heritage Month. Celebrate the rich culture, traditions, and history of Native Americans with your students this month with educational activities your class will love. In our November blog post, we feature several social studies activities that will help your little learners discover and appreciate Native American heritage. Read on to find out more.

Paint a Picture of History

Get ready to ponder the past and explore art and history with a fun, flexible social studies activity your whole class will love. In this social studies project, students will research a historical painting that depicts an important person or event from history and share their findings with the class. This activity is super versatile and is a perfect combination of social studies, art, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Read on to find out more!

Bingo Dabber Math Centers

You only need one thing to take your math center activities from so-so to super—bingo dabbers! Grab a set of bingo dabbers, or ink dabbers, and check out these five hands-on math centers you can implement with your class in the school year ahead. From number recognition and basic counting to addition and subtraction practice, bingo dabbers are exactly what you need to help your little learners get excited about practicing their math skills. Read on to find out more.

Play Soccer Phonics!

Back-to-school season is right around the corner, so gear up your little learners for a great school year ahead with a fun early literacy game you can play outside—soccer style! Grab a soccer ball and head outdoors to practice phonics skills with three fun soccer drills that kids will love. Read on to find out more.

How to Make Giant Bubbles

Get ready to make the most gigantic bubbles you and your little ones have ever seen! In our July blog post, we're featuring an easy recipe for homemade jumbo bubbles, plus a DIY tutorial for making a bubble wand especially designed for enormous bubbles. Kids will love making their own giant bubbles this summer! Read on to find out more.

Tips for Summer Reading Success

Summer break is the perfect time to help children discover a love of reading! In this article, we explore ten practical ways you can encourage little ones to develop their reading skills, grow their imagination, and continue learning all summer long by actively engaging in summer reading. Use these tips to cultivate a life-long love of reading and prevent summer learning loss. Read on to find out more!

Reflections on a Virtual School Year

As the 2020-21 school year draws to a close, help your students look back on this academic year that was unlike any other. In this Super Teacher Worksheets blog post, we feature thoughtful conversation starters that you can use with your students to help them reflect on the challenges and victories of the past school year. Together, you and your students will celebrate just how much you have overcome!

An Earth Day Science Experiment

We're celebrating Earth Day with an ocean-sized STEM challenge your students will love. Read our April blog post to learn about an environmental science activity that helps children understand the devastating effects of an ocean oil spill by recreating an oil spill of their own. You and your little learners will work together to devise a plan to clean up the oil spill and keep our extraordinary planet healthy. Read on to find out more!

Economics Activities for Kids

Help your students become economics experts with these fun flashcard activities! You can use the Super Teacher Worksheets flashcard generator to customize your social studies flashcards and practice different economics topics: goods and services, needs and wants, or supply and demand. Read on to learn how you and your students can explore economics together!

Animal Classifications

Get ready to learn all about animal groups with a hands-on science activity your students will love! In this month's blog post, we'll show you an awesome activity that teaches children about animal classifications using fun animal stickers. Read on to find out more!

Paper Plate Multiplication

Mix up your multiplication routine for the new year with three fun math activities children can do using paper plates! These fun, no-mess activities will help little ones practice basic multiplication facts. Read on to learn how you and your students can multiply math skills with paper plate multiplication!

Let It Snow!

Celebrate the magic of the holidays with this enchanting snow globe craft kids will love! In our December blog post, we'll show you how to make your own winter wonderland snow globes with just a few arts and crafts supplies. Read on to learn how to make beautiful snow globes for decorating, gift-giving, and admiring this holiday season!

An Autumn Writing Activity

It's the season for giving thanks! Cultivate gratitude together with your students with twenty fun Thanksgiving- and autumn-inspired creative writing prompts featured in our November blog post. 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, but we can still help little ones see the many things in life which they can be thankful for. These writing prompts will help your students put on their gratitude goggles and flex their creative writing muscles!

Little Paleontologists!

Dig up the dirt on dinosaurs with three fun geology activities your students will love! This month on the Super Teacher Worksheets blog, it's all about dinosaurs! We're featuring exciting hands-on activities that will inspire your little learners to discover all they can about dinosaurs. Make your own dinosaur fossils with an easy salt dough recipe, create a dinosaur fossil dig site, and mix up a batch of tasty dinosaur egg treats. Ready to begin your dinosaur adventures? Read on to find out more!

Learn All About Map Skills!

Point your students in the right direction this school year by helping them learn basic map skills! Our September blog post features three fun activities that teach important map skills, including cardinal directions, latitude and longitude, and how to make a compass rose. Read on to discover how you can map out a successful start to the new school year with these fun social studies activities!

Spelling Activities for Kids

It's time for a new school year and a new spelling routine! Try something fresh and exciting in your approach to spelling word practice this year. Our August blog post is filled with clever ideas to make spelling practice fun! From spelling with snacks to using invisible ink, we've put together a list of simple, fun spelling activities you can implement with your students in the classroom or at home. Read on to learn how to keep little ones spellbound as they expand their spelling skills this year!

Summer Starry Night Activities

Warm summer nights are perfect for stargazing! Encourage little ones to explore the wonders of the night sky with fun, imaginative activities featured in our July blog post. We'll show you how to host a stargazing scavenger hunt, record the phases of the moon in a summer moon journal, and make beautiful constellations with a simple art project. Head outside on a clear summer night and try out these stellar astronomy activities!

A School Year to Remember

The end of another school year is something to celebrate! Help your students reflect on the highlights of the past school year with three meaningful activities featured in our May blog post. These activities are simple, memorable, and flexible. Whether you use these end-of-the-year activities in the classroom or at home, your students will enjoy reflecting on the milestones they reached this year. Read on to find out more.

Make a Rainbow in a Jar!

Learn all about density in this colorful spring science experiment! Students will layer sugar water with different densities in a jar to create a rainbow. This activity is very easy to do, and you only need a few pantry staples to get started. Read on to learn how you can make a rainbow in a jar!

Tree Branches of Government

Help your students grow an understanding of the U.S. Government with a spring-themed social studies activity for the whole class! We provide the activity template for you, so you don't have to go out on a limb to practice the branches of the U.S. Government with your students! Read on to find out more.

Literacy Centers!

Practice literacy skills with your students using these five simple learning center ideas! The sorting activities in this blog post will help your students become experts on cause and effect, fact and opinion, prefixes and suffixes, synonyms and antonyms, and the parts of speech. Grab a set of flashcards and read on to find out more!

Seasonal Science: Make a Crystal Snowflake!

Add a little sparkle to the start of the new year with a fun winter-themed science experiment! In this activity students will learn how to grow crystals on their own handmade snowflakes. Kids will be amazed at how easy and fun it is to grow their own crystals—and you will too! Read on to find out more.

Christmas Snacks for the Whole Class!

'Tis the season for holiday parties! Whether you're a teacher looking for easy (and economical) ideas for the classroom Christmas party, or you're a parent scrambling for a last-minute snack to send along with your kiddos—or you're just looking for some fun holiday food ideas to try at home with your little ones, we've got you covered! Read on to find out more.

Thanksgiving Math Activity

Your little learners will want to gobble up this Thanksgiving-themed math activity! It's the perfect way to practice basic addition, money skills, and critical thinking skills. Gather those holiday grocery ads from your Sunday newspaper and we'll show you how to "ad" up to a great Thanksgiving dinner!

Seasonal Symmetry

If you're looking for the perfect math activity to celebrate fall with your little learners, then check out this adorable autumn symmetry exercise! The only things you'll need for this fun fall activity are a box of crayons, our handy printable template, and a little imagination! Read on to find out more.

3 Ways to Practice Spelling Words with Scrabble Tiles

Are you ready to hit the reset button on your spelling routine for the new school year? Take spelling practice to the next level with three fun spelling games you can play using the classic board game, Scrabble. Grab your Scrabble set and this week's spelling words and get ready to have some serious spelling fun!

First Day of School Icebreakers

Are you ready to kick off the best school year yet? Help your new students get to know you and each other with three adorable activities that are perfect for the first day of school! These simple activities are amazing ice breakers that will turn first-day-of-school jitters into smiles and excitement about an amazing school year ahead. Read on to find out more!

A Sweet Summertime Treat!

Can we all agree that ice cream is the ultimate summer treat? Okay, great! Now that we've got that settled, what better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a homemade ice cream science experiment?! Calling all kids (and wanna-be kids)...grab your spoons and sprinkles and head over to the kitchen. We'll show you how easy it is to make delicious homemade vanilla ice cream!

Generate Your Own Puzzles on Super Teacher Worksheets!

Did you know you can make your own puzzles with our generator tools? You can! Make word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and missing letter puzzles for your students. Whether you need an extra activity for the end of a lesson, the end of the school week, or the end of the school year, we've got you covered! Read on!

Make Your Own Butterfly Life Cycle Craft!

Get ready to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly with your little ones! This hands-on activity is super simple, using pasta to represent the different stages in the butterfly life cycle. Gather up your little learners, and let the fun begin!

Spring STEM Activities
Using Peeps

It's that time of year again when boxes of brightly-colored marshmallow chicks and bunnies line the aisles and check-out counters of the local grocery stores. Whether you love 'em or not, Peeps are the perfect spring candy for STEM activities, including the five STEM challenges we're about to show you! So grab a few packs of Peeps and prepare for some spring STEM fun!

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Spring Writing Prompts

Melting snow and milder temperatures. Sunshine and rain showers and floral-scented breezes. Yes, springtime is here at last! (Or at least it will be soon!) Help your students celebrate the arrival of spring with the following spring-themed writing prompts. Read on to find out more!

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Learn Phonics Blends with a Valentine Writing Tray!

Here's a fun Valentine's Day activity you can use with your little ones to help them practice phonics blends. The only supplies you'll need are salt, a paper plate or plastic tray, and some Valentine's Day sprinkles! Read on to find out more.

Play Dough Ten-Frames

What could be more fun than playing with play dough?! Learn about three math activities that help children practice basic math skills using play dough and printable ten-frames. Read on to find out more!

DIY Christmas Gifts

'Tis the season for giving gifts! Help your students get into the holiday spirit with three adorable crafts they can make for their parents and loved ones. Read on to find out how to make fun, festive gifts for the holidays!

A Thanksgiving Science Experiment

Are you ready to make some delicious homemade butter with your little ones? It's the perfect kitchen science experiment for Thanksgiving! Bake up a batch of soft rolls or a loaf of holiday bread, and we'll show you how to make the sweetest, creamiest butter to accompany any Thanksgiving feast!

Make Your Own Pumpkin Volcano!

Carve out some time this fall to make a pumpkin volcano with your little ones! It's a fun, seasonal twist on the classic kitchen science experiment. Pick out a pumpkin or two, stock up on a few basic pantry supplies, and follow us to the kitchen where we'll show you how to make your own erupting pumpkins!

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Just The Right Place!

If you're an elementary school teacher, you won't find it surprising that place value is one of the most popular topics on Super Teacher Worksheets at the beginning of the school year! If you're looking for fun place value games to play with your class this year, keep reading! We've got three activities we think you'll love!

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Adorable Alphabet Activities

Did you know Super Teacher Worksheets has an entire collection of amazing resources for teaching the letters of the alphabet? Read our blog post to discover some of our most popular alphabet activities and how you can use them with your little ones this school year! (We even link to a FREE printable activity!)

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Sidewalk Chalk Math Games

Take math practice outside this summer! Here's a fun sidewalk chalk math game that reinforces basic math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It's the perfect combination of practice and play! Read on to find out more!

Catching Fireflies

Check out this adorable activity that helps children sort words into word families! Kids will catch each "firefly" word and put it in the right word family jar. It's the perfect early literacy activity for summer vacation! Read on to find out more.

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Springtime Science

There's something about springtime that's pure magic. Flowers bursting into bloom. The scent of a gentle rainfall. The excitement of kids putting away their winter coats, donning their rain boots, and splashing in puddles. While it may not be time for summer break quite yet, the following activity is the perfect way to bring the magic of springtime into your classroom.

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Angles, Area, and
Perimeter Practice

Sometimes the best way to learn a new concept is by doing it yourself! Check out these hands-on math activities that give students the opportunity to practice measuring angles, area, and perimeter. Read on to find out more!

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Growing Grammar Skills

Nouns. Pronouns. Adjectives. Verbs. Are you looking for a creative grammar exercise that won't bore your students to tears? Try our fun Grammar Garden activity to help your students grow their grammar skills! Read on to find out more!

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Show the Love!

Wondering how you can make Valentine's Day special in your classroom this year? These five Valentine's Day crafts are as cute as a button and so easy to make! Read more to learn how to make them!

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Math Checkers Challenge!

Nothing beats a classic game of checkers! Now kids can practice basic math facts as they play their favorite game. All of the regular rules of the game still apply; we're just adding an extra math twist! Read more to find out how to play.

Make the Holidays Sparkle!

Are you ready for some ooey gooey holiday fun? Stick with us to learn about a quick, easy Christmas slime recipe that kids will love! Be advised: this activity may cause an extreme case of holiday cheer. Read on to find out how to add some extra kid-friendly sparkle to your holidays this year!

Learn About Landforms!

Teach kids about landforms and bodies of water with this fun diorama project they can make with a few simple materials! Children will have fun painting a river, molding a mountain out of clay, and more! Read more to find out how to do this activity.

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Autumn Leaves? Yes Please!

Use this fun science experiment with children of all ages to help them understand why leaves change color in the fall. It's very simple and easy! Read on to find out more!

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DIY Classroom Hacks

Getting your classroom organized for the new school year doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! We've put together ten easy and affordable DIY (Do It Yourself) projects to help you keep your classroom organized for the rest of the school year. Read on to find out more!

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Fidget Spinner Facts!

Fidget spinners are everywhere these days! Now you can incorporate these popular toys into an exciting math game your students will love! Read on to find out more!

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Summer Writing Prompts

Here's a fun writing activity kids can do on the long, lazy days of summer vacation. We've put together fifteen summer-themed writing prompts for kids. Read more to see how you can inspire children to get their creative juices flowing!

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Build Your Own Story!

Ignite a spark of imagination with this delightful writing exercise for children. Find out how you can help young learners build their own story, using three essential story elements. Read on to find out more!

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Going Around in Circles!

Math activity for measuring circumference, diameter, and radius

Here's a fun and simple math activity you can do with your students that teaches them how to measure the circumference, diameter, and radius of a circle. Read on to find out more!

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Make a Rain Cloud in a Jar!

Use this hands-on activity to teach children how a cloud fills up with water droplets until rain falls! You and your students will love making a rain cloud in a jar with a few simple supplies. Read on to find out how!

Math Games You Can Play with a Deck of Cards

Grab a deck of cards and get ready to practice basic math skills with your students! These five math games are so much fun, kids won't realize they're learning math skills when they play!

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Multicultural Art Projects for Kids

5 Crafts to Celebrate Culture

Teaching kids how to explore and appreciate other cultures is our privilege and responsibility as adults and teachers! Read on to learn about 5 art projects you can do with your students to help them discover other cultures!

Super Teacher Worksheets Turns 10 Years Old!

Super Teacher Worksheets is celebrating a very special milestone this month! On January 23rd, our website turns 10 years old!! We are thrilled to be able to celebrate this significant milestone, and we'd like to thank all of our customers for supporting us over the past ten years!

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Winter Writing Prompts

Your students can beat the winter blues with these creative writing prompts all about winter!

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You won't want to miss out on our December contest! We're giving away a box set of fifteen of Roald Dahl's beloved books. It's easy to enter, so follow the link below to the Super Teacher Worksheets contest page to put your name in the drawing. Good luck everybody!

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

There's something special about handmade Christmas ornaments! Read on to find out how to make five adorable Christmas ornaments with your students.

A Spirit of Giving

5 Holiday Service Project Ideas for Your Classroom

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to teach your students about generosity. Read on to learn about five classroom service projects you can do with your students that will help them discover the joy of giving to those in need.

Super Teacher Sweepstakes

There's still time to enter the November giveaway! This month's prize, a set of phonics dominoes, will help young learners form words and sentences. It's a great classroom activity! Phonics dominoes include long-vowel sounds, short-vowel sounds, and consonant blends.

Eat a Rainbow Nutrition Activity

Teach your students about nutritious eating habits with a vibrant, fun, and colorful craft! Students will make their own food rainbows and learn the health benefits of each color group. Keep reading to find out how to do this clever activity with your class!

Super Teacher Review on Learning List

We are pleased to share with our customers that Super Teacher Worksheets has been reviewed by LearningList.com, an independent review service. Learning List provides independent reviews of K-12 instructional materials and online courses. To see Learning List’s professional reviews and alignment reports for our products, go to Learninglist.com.

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Have you entered our October contest yet? This month we're giving away a charming "World of Peter Rabbit" book collection filled with Beatrix Potter's 23 original works! Enter by October 31st for your chance to win this astounding prize for your classroom!

Classroom Pumpkin Activities

Check out these perfect pumpkin activities we hand-picked just for you! Read on to find out how you can add some autumn fun to your classroom!

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Have you entered our September contest yet? We're giving away an awesome quiz game for your classroom! Use this activity for review sessions, tournaments, and more! Enter by September 30th for your chance to win. Good luck everybody!

5 Icebreakers for the Beginning of School

The start of a new school year can be daunting for students (and teachers!), so we've put together 5 icebreaker activities that will help you get your school year off to a great start!

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Enter our August contest for a chance to win a hilarious chapter book series, "My Weird School" by Dan Gutman. This 21-book collection for middle readers will make a fantastic addition to any classroom library!

Spelling Sensory Activities for Kids

How do you spell "SUCCESS"? By using the brand new spelling series from Super Teacher Worksheets for the new school year!

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Check out the great prize we're giving away in our July contest! Enter for your chance to win a primary math manipulation kit. This classroom activity includes 90 numeric and operations tiles, wooden beads in four colors, patterning laces, and more. Use this classroom kit to teach basic math skills to your young learners!

Q & A: Interview with Author, Kelly Hashway

This month we had the opportunity to chat with author, Kelly Hashway. Kelly has written many of the reading comprehension articles in the Super Teacher Worksheets collection. In addition to being a published author of young adult novels and contemporary romances, Kelly is a masterful storyteller of children's fiction. Her short stories captivate the imagination of young to middle readers. Kelly also writes quality non-fiction passages for children, relating information and explaining concepts in a way that young learners can understand. Here's a look at our recent conversation with the talented Kelly Hashway.

Super Teacher Sweepstakes

You're going to love the prize pack we're giving away this month! Enter for your chance to win 16 historical biographies for kids from the award-winning "Who Was" series. This book collection will make a wonderful addition to your classroom library!

Father's Day Writing Prompts for Kids

Help your students celebrate the fathers (and father-figures) in their lives with this end-of-the-school-year activity! We've put together some fun, easy writing prompts for kids that you can use as a letter-writing activity in your classroom. You can tailor these creative response prompts to grandpas, step-dads, uncles, etc. Get your students writing creatively to honor their fathers, right up until the end of that June calendar!

End-of-the-Year Gifts from You to Your Students

5 Cute, Easy Gift Ideas for Saying "Good-bye" to Your Class

The end of the school year can be a chaotic time for teachers! With state testing, end-of-term grading, shortened attention spans, and general exhaustion from a long year, it can be really easy to dismiss the idea of giving your students "good-bye" gifts. But we've got some great ideas for very quick, inexpensive, and adorable items for you to give to your students as parting gifts. You've worked so hard to make this school year memorable, so why not pick one of these sweet "goodies" below, and give your students one final reason to remember a great year!

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