Make Magical Ice Bubbles

Make Ice Bubbles

Make the most of freezing January temperatures, bundle up the little ones, and head outside for a fascinating winter science experiment! Children will love discovering the beauty of frozen bubbles with this easy and fun activity. Grab a bottle of bubbles and head outside with us to make magical ice bubbles.

Winter Bubble Science Experiment

Winter Bubble Science Experiment

In this seasonal science experiment, children will set out to answer the question, "If you blow bubbles in below-freezing temperatures, what will happen to them?" As they will soon discover, the right conditions can produce mesmerizing results - beautiful ice bubbles! Here's how to make frozen bubbles with little ones:

You will need a bottle of bubbles and a bubble wand to do this winter science activity. 

Choose a day with the right weather conditions. The temperature should be well below freezing (20 degrees Fahrenheit or below is best). There should also be little to no wind or precipitation. 

Dress for the weather and head outdoors to blow bubbles. 

Choose a place out of the direct sunlight. You may want to go out at a time of day when the shadows are long. 

Blow bubbles slowly and gently and watch what happens!

Some bubbles may crystallize in mid-air before they fall and shatter on the ground. Others may land in the soft snow and remain intact. Not every bubble will freeze or form successfully. It takes some time to figure out the right bubble-forming conditions. 

Try catching the frozen bubbles with your bubble wand or in the palm of your hand.

Crouching down near the surface of the snow and blowing bubbles will also help them to crystallize before they land safely in the snow. 

Just like snowflakes, no two ice bubbles are alike!

Make sure to take pictures of the frozen bubbles. They really are stunning! 

Did you and your little learners try this seasonal science experiment? We want to hear from you! Let us know how it went by sharing your feedback in the comment section below. 

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