St. Patrick's Day Math Activities

Bring a little luck o' the Irish into your classroom to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Try out these St. Patrick's Day math activities with your students and be prepared to have a wee bit o' fun while you're at it! When you give these math activities a go, be sure to post your feedback in the comments section below. We'd also love to see your own pictures of these festive math activities, so please share your posts to our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages. 

Shamrock Number Bonds

Number bonds are an excellent way for children to visualize the relationship between numbers. Add some St. Patrick's day flare to the traditional number bond activity by using fun shamrock shapes for the students to solve. It's so simple!

The first thing you'll need to do is cut a shamrock shape from a piece of card stock to use as your tracing shape. (You can use the shamrock shape from the Super Teacher Worksheets March Shamrock Chart as your template.)

Trace the shamrock outline onto green construction paper and cut out as many shamrocks as you'd like to have for the number bonds. (Tip: stack several sheets of construction paper on top of one another to save some cutting time!)

You can fill in the fun shamrock shapes with number bonds, either addition or multiplication, for your students to solve. After the activity, don't forget to decorate your classroom with the shamrock number bonds you've made!

Lucky Charms Bar Graph

Help your students practice their graphing skills with this clever idea. Use the marshmallows from the cereal, Lucky Charms, to create a St. Patrick's Day bar graph. This one's so easy, and your students are going to love it!

This activity only takes a few steps. Make sure you have Lucky Charms cereal, glue, and a graph template. (You can use the Super Teacher Worksheets Blank Bar Graph for this activity.)

Give each student a predetermined amount of Lucky Charms cereal, such as one serving size. Have them sort the marshmallows by type, and glue one marshmallow of each type onto the x-axis of the graph. Then have them number the y-axis appropriately.

Instruct your students to color in bars on the graph according to how many of each type of marshmallow there are. You can decide if they will eat the extra cereal pieces at the end. Display your bar graphs around your classroom for some St. Patrick's Day cheer!

Leprechaun Mystery Picture

What could be more fun that a St. Patrick's Day math mystery picture for your students to solve? Super Teacher Worksheets has a brand new Leprechaun Math Mystery Picture we think you're going to love! Choose from math skills including basic addition, basic subtraction, basic multiplication, and basic division.

Your students will reveal the leprechaun in the mystery picture when they color each section of the picture according to the key provided. Have your students grab some crayons and color away! Don't forget to display the leprechaun artwork around the classroom for St. Patrick's Day.

Celebrating St. Paddy's Day in your classroom just got three times more fun with these clever math activities! Try them out, and let the magic begin! Remember to share your feedback in the comments section below.

Find more great St. Patrick's Day activities on the Super Teacher Worksheets St. Patrick's Day page!


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