Word Family Snack Stack

Word Family Snack Games

Stack up word family skills with your students' favorite snacks! In our February blog post, check out three fun word family activities featuring snack foods. Use these word family games in the classroom or at home to practice word families with your little learners. Read on to find out more.

Word Family Snacks

Word Family Snacks

Snack time is a great opportunity to practice important early literacy skills, like phonics and spelling. In the following activities, students will become familiar with word families using snack items. Feel free to adapt these snack time games for your individual learners. Swap out pretzels for raisins or grapes, and so on. These word family games are ideal for kindergarten and first grade students. 

Word Family Bingo 

Word Family Bingo

Use snacks to play a round of word family bingo with little ones! Yogurt-covered raisins, chocolate candy pieces, dried fruit pieces, and so on make great bingo markers. Here's how to set up word family bingo: 

First, create your own bingo game worksheets with the Super Teacher Worksheets Bingo Game Generator. Use a variety of words from different word families but try to use the same number of words from each word family. Generate the worksheet and print out enough bingo boards for your students. 

To play word family bingo, call out word family words at random. Students will fill their board with bingo markers until they get "BINGO!"—five words in a row. The student who gets "BINGO!" must read his or her winning row of words out loud. In order to win the round, he or she must identify which words in the winning row (if any) belong to the same word family. 

Play as many rounds of word family bingo as you'd like. Keep extra "bingo markers" on hand so children can snack in between rounds!

Word Family Tic Tac Toe

Word Family Tic Tac Toe

How about a game of word family tic tac toe? Fill out a blank tic tac toe board with words from the same word family. Make a variety of tic tac toe boards featuring different word families and give one to each pair of students. 

Children will use favorite snack items as opposing game pieces to play traditional tic tac toe—word family style. (Pretzel x's and o's are a great option! Otherwise, students can use different-colored candy pieces, dried fruit pieces, and so on.)

As children take turns putting their snack game pieces on the board, they will say aloud the word in each space they want to claim. 

Play until one player gets three in a row!

You can set up this tic tac toe game as a rotating activity. Children can move to a new word family tic tac toe board with their partner for a new round. 

Word Family Say and Spell

Word Family Say and Spell

Alphabet pretzels or crackers come in handy when you want to practice word families at snack time! Use the alphabet snack pieces to have children spell out words from the same word family as you call them out. Students will rearrange the letters to spell each word you say. 

Individual snack packs work great for this activity. If students can't find a letter of the alphabet they need in order to spell a word, you can have them arrange the letters on a piece of paper and fill in the missing letter with a crayon. 

Practice a few words from different word families. 

How do you like to use snacks to practice word families with your students? We would love to hear from you! Share your ideas with our teaching community in the comment section below. 

Remember to tag @superteacherworksheets on social media so we can check out your word family snacking adventures!

Looking for more fun, educational word family activities for your class? Browse the Super Teacher Worksheets Word Family Units

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