Angles, Area, and
Perimeter Practice

Perimeter, Angles, and Area Activities

Sometimes the best way to learn a new concept is by doing it yourself! Check out these hands-on math activities that give students the opportunity to practice measuring angles, area, and perimeter. Read on to find out more!

The following activities are super simple! Use them as an in-class learning center or a take-home project. Great for reinforcing basic area, angles, and perimeter concepts, the activities below only require a few materials and are ideal for second, third, fourth, and fifth grades. 

Make Masking Tape Angles 

Grab a piece of white foam board or poster board, some colorful masking tape, a marker, and a protractor for this fun angle project! Here's what students will do: 

  • Stretch colorful masking tape across a piece of foam board to create intersecting lines.
  • Measure each of the angles created by the intersecting lines with a protractor. You can print out a free protractor from Super Teacher Worksheets here.  
  • Label the angles with their degrees or, alternatively, label the angles according to whether they are acute, obtuse, right, or straight. (Below is an example of each.)
Measuring Angles Activity
Classifying Angles Activity

Construct Your Own Name Graph

Print out your free copy of this basic area activity from Super Teacher Worksheets and make sure you have a set of colored pencils on hand! Following the instructions, students will: 

  • Draw the letters of their first name on graph paper (included). 
  • Find the area of each letter. 
  • Label each letter with the correct area in square units or square centimeters. 
Basic Area Name Graphs

Cheesy Cracker Polygons 

Get ready for extra enthusiasm about this activity! After all, who doesn't love tasty cheese crackers?! So make sure you have plenty of those stocked up, plus a piece of colorful poster paper and a marker. Now let's get to it:

  • Lay the poster paper down on a flat surface and spread cheese crackers over it. 
  • Make polygon shapes with the cheese crackers. We recommend three to five shapes. 
  • Label the area and perimeter of each polygon by writing beside them with a marker. 
Perimeter and Area Polygons

Have you tried similar measurement activities with your students? We want to hear about your experience! Drop us a line in the comment section below. If you try out any of these hands-on activities with your students, remember to let us know how it goes!

Are you looking for more area, angles, and perimeter worksheets to use with your students? Check out the Super Teacher Worksheets collection today!

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