Spelling Sensory Activities for Kids

How do you spell "SUCCESS"? By using the brand new spelling series from Super Teacher Worksheets for the new school year!

It's pretty exciting news: Super Teacher Worksheets has a completely new spelling series for you to use this upcoming school year! This stand-alone curriculum features 5 Spelling Levels, with 30 units per Level, plus bonus holiday and themed lists. In this article, we feature three printable resources that are included in each of our spelling units, showing you how to use them to guide your students through a sensory spelling activity. 

Check out these spelling sensory activities below:  

Sand Writing

Here's a clever activity that uses the spelling flashcards you'll find in every unit of the STW spelling series. For this sand writing activity, you'll need the flashcard set for the current spelling unit you're working on, a small tray (such as a lid, baking sheet, or empty pencil box), sand (or another granular substance like salt), and a pencil. These are the items you will need for each student, or each group of students, working on this activity. 

Simply go through the spelling flashcards with your students, having them spell out each word in the sand with the eraser-side of the pencil. 

This activity makes it a lot more fun to spell out words than using regular paper!

Spin-and-Spell with Cheez-Its! 

Let's face it--anytime food is involved, things get way more exciting, and the same goes for spelling! All you need for this activity are the spin-and-spell printable for this week's words, Cheez-Its Scrabble Junior crackers, and a tray or plate for your students to spell the words out on. 

Have your students follow the instructions on their spin-and-spell activity, but instead of spelling the words out loud or on a traditional piece of lined paper, have them spell the word with the Cheez-Its crackers instead! 

Your students will definitely love this activity! Just make sure to set a few rules about when the students are allowed to eat their crackers and how many they should have! 

ABC Order: Cut-and-Glue

This is a great sensory activity included in each spelling unit! All you'll need is the ABC Order cut-and-glue printable for this week's spelling words, scissors, and glue

Your students will cut out each spelling word and glue it in alphabetical order in the boxes provided. 

This is a fun hands-on way for your students to identify the alphabetical order of their spelling list. 

What do you think of these spelling sensory activities for kids? Do you have any of your own hands-on spelling activities that you like to use? Tell us in the comments section below!

Now head over to the Super Teacher Worksheets Spelling Pages to browse through your new spelling curriculum today! 


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