Ready, Set...Scoot!

Looking for the perfect classroom game for reviewing skills and getting those kids moving? Scoot in closer, and read on! 

The Super Teacher Worksheets team is thrilled to share with you a wonderful educational game that involves the participation of the whole class - the whole time!  "Scoot" is a fun and exciting game that can be used to give your students hands-on practice in a variety of subject areas. Scoot can be played using math facts, science facts, English language arts facts, and more. We offer math Scoot games, such as basic addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, and area. We also have a growing collection of science Scoot games, such as Solar System Scoot, and English language arts Scoot games, such as Contractions Scoot. This classroom activity combines lesson practice with a class-wide challenge. 

Here's what you need to know: Scoot is an ideal game to play with your students because it is easy to prepare, explain, and monitor. Let's say you want to play "Area Scoot" with your class to give them an opportunity to practice calculating area of rectangles. All you need are the Scoot question cards and a grid worksheet for each student. The goal of this game is to allow students to practice calculating area while "scooting" around the classroom. Your students will move from desk to desk around the classroom. At each desk, your students will read the math fact card and write the answer on the grid worksheet. When you say "Scoot!" they move to the next desk. Your students will visit each desk in the classroom and answer all of the question cards.

Scoot is actually becoming very popular in elementary classrooms both near and far. We were inspired to create a variety of Scoot games for teachers to use with both younger and older grade levels. We've had very enthusiastic responses from teachers who have tried our Scoot games in their classrooms and found them to be extremely popular with their students! With minimal set-up needed and the ability to modify the game to suit your classroom needs - it's definitely a classroom activity worth trying! You can also adjust the amount of Scoot cards you use in your classroom to the number of desks you have, as well as creating your own Scoot cards from our blank templates.

Finding an activity that all your students can participate in at once, rather than having the class observe a handful of students taking part, can be really challenging. We hope that our collection of Scoot games will offer an ideal solution! Alright, now that you know the scoop - get ready to SCOOT!

Tell us how you use Scoot games in your classroom! Please post your comments below! Be sure to check out our growing collection of Scoot games at the link below. link:


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