End-of-the-Year Gifts from You to Your Students

5 Cute, Easy Gift Ideas for Saying "Good-bye" to Your Class

The end of the school year can be a chaotic time for teachers! With state testing, end-of-term grading, shortened attention spans, and general exhaustion from a long year, it can be really easy to dismiss the idea of giving your students "good-bye" gifts. But we've got some great ideas for very quick, inexpensive, and adorable items for you to give to your students as parting gifts. You've worked so hard to make this school year memorable, so why not pick one of these sweet "goodies" below, and give your students one final reason to remember a great year!

"Bright Future" Sunglasses

What You'll Need: 

The perfect summer-themed gift, a pair of colorful sunglasses will remind your students that their futures are very bright! 

"Owl Miss You!" Treat Bags

What You'll Need:

Use this charming play-on-words to create a sweet message to go along with some sweet treats. What a great way to tell your students you'll miss them! 

"You Blew Me Away" Bubbles

What You'll Need: 

Your students will know how proud of them you are, and they'll have a whole lot of summer fun with these bubbles, too!

"This Year Flew By" Frisbees

What You'll Need: 

How fun and easy are these "This Year Flew By" frisbees?! It really doesn't get any easier than this adorable student gift! 

"Chalk Full of Fun" Sidewalk Chalk

What You'll Need:

It's the season for sidewalk chalk! Your students learned to develop their creativity throughout the school year, and now they have another way to use creativity over the summer! 

Note: All of the labels for these gift ideas have been custom-designed by one of our STW graphic artists, Liku. You can find them in one convenient Super Teacher Worksheets PDF file by clicking here. 

Do you like these teacher-to-student gifts for the end of the school year? Which one would you use for your own year-end celebrations? We'd love to hear from you, so please share your own ideas and inspirations in the comments section below! 

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