Winter Writing Prompts

ELA Winter Activities

Hey there, teachers!! With winter's icy fingers tapping at our windows, let's cozy up and spark the imaginations of our young writers. How about we dive into some winter writing prompts to warm up those creative minds? Let's sprinkle a little magic into those frosty days with these prompts:

Winter Writing Prompts

1. "My favorite winter memory is..." Think back to those heartwarming moments—snowy adventures, holiday joys, or snug times with loved ones. Let's revisit those special memories!

 ELA Winter Activities

2. "If I were a snowflake, I would..." Imagine drifting through the winter sky. Where would your snowflake-self journey? What grand adventures await?

Winter Classroom Activities

3. "In the middle of a snowy forest, I found..." Picture a snowy wonderland. What mysteries or magical discoveries might be hidden within those snow-draped trees?

Winter Stories

4. "The best thing about winter nights is..." Describe the enchantment of winter evenings. Is it the starry skies, the quiet snowfall, or maybe something else that makes them extra special?

Elementary Winter Writing

5. "My favorite activity in winter is..." Share the joys of the season! Whether it's crafting snow angels, zooming on sleds, or cozying up with a good book, let's celebrate the winter fun!

Let's stir up their imagination and watch their winter tales and memories take flight! 


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