Play Dough Ten-Frames

Play Dough Ten Frames Activities

What could be more fun than playing with play dough?! Learn about three math activities that help children practice basic math skills using play dough and printable ten-frames. Read on to find out more!

Ten-frames are an excellent way for young children to practice basic math skills like counting, adding, and subtracting. These activities pair ten-frames with play dough for a tactile learning experience that will help children understand how numbers are structured from tens and ones.

Before you begin, grab some play dough and print out these ten-frames from Super Teacher Worksheets.

Make the Number

For this exercise, children will roll a die and make the number they roll with play dough. For example, if they roll a four, they will fill out four play dough balls on their ten-frame: 

Play Dough Ten-Frames

A ten-sided die would work really well for this activity!

How Many Makes Ten? 

In this activity, you will give your students a ten-frame with some of the frames filled out. They will need to decide how many play dough balls they need to make ten. They will fill out the ten-frame with the number needed to make ten and write the complete number sentence beneath their ten-frame:

Play Dough Ten-Frame Games

Add or Subtract with Ten-Frames

Ten-frames are a great tool for practicing basic addition and subtraction. Students will need two ten-frames and a die for this activity. For addition, roll the die twice and make both numbers using the ten-frames and play dough. Add the numbers in the ten-frames. Write the complete number sentence. 

For subtraction, roll the die twice. Use play dough to make the larger number in the first ten-frame. Make the smaller number in the second ten-frame. Write the complete number sentence. 

Ten-Frames Activities

There are so many ways to use ten-frames! What are your favorite ten-frame activities? We'd love to hear about them! Shares your ideas with our teaching community by dropping us a line in the comment section below. 

For more ten-frame resources, visit the Super Teacher Worksheets ten-frames page

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