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Canadian Provinces and Territories

Canadian Provinces Worksheets

Canada (All Provinces & Territories)

Canadian Provinces and Territories

Learn about Canada's geography with these mixed province and territory worksheets. This page has maps of Canada, a province research report, province/territory capital games, as well as latitude and longitude practice,

Penelope Peabody: Lost in Canada

Penelope Peabody tours around Canada in her car. Read the descriptions of her travels and try to determine which province or territory she's visiting.

Individual Provinces and Territories


Printable resources for teaching students about the province of Alberta. Includes a a blank map, a colourable coat of arms, a colourable flag, and a mystery province reading comprehension activity.

British Columbia

Use these worksheets for teaching students about British Columbia. Download and print a variety of activities, puzzles, and worksheets.


With these resources, your students can discover the prairie province of Manitoba.

New Brunswick

In this section, you will find a series of worksheets for teaching students about the Atlantic maritime province of New Brunswick.

Newfoundland and Labrador

This is our collection of printables on the Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Northwest Territories

Use these printables to teach students about the remote Arctic areas of the Northwest Territories.

Nova Scotia

Did you know that the words Nova Scotia are Latin for New Scotland? With these teaching resources, you can help your students learn about this province.


Nunavut is the least populated of all of the Canadian territories. Learn all about Nunavut with these printable activities.


Use the printable worksheets, activities, and puzzles on this page to teach students about Canada's most populated province, Onatrio.

Prince Edward Island

Here is a collection of worksheets and activities for teaching students about Canada's smallest province by area, Prince Edward Island.


We have lots of printable worksheets for helping your pupils learn about the French-speaking province of Quebec.


Explore puzzles, worksheets, and colouring pages on Saskatchewan.


On this page, we have resources for teaching about the Yukon. Includes a colourable flag, coat of arms, and a Penelope Peabody mystery.

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Counting Canadian Money: Coins & Bills

Practice counting Canadian money with these printable math worksheets.

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