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This page has printable worksheets and puzzles for teaching students about China.

China Worksheets


This labeled, full-color map of China shows important cities, regions, bodies of water, and neighboring countries. A black-and-white version can be found by clicking the ALT button.
1st through 8th Grades
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Have your students use this map to label the Gobi Desert, Shanghai, the Great Wall, Beijing, the Yellow River, the South China Sea, and the Yangtze River.
This printout has a labeled map of China showing key places such as Shanghai, Beijing, the Great Wall, the South China Sea, the Gobi Desert, the Yellow River, and the Yangtze River.
This worksheet has a blank outline map of China that students can color and label. This page does not include lands bordering China or bodies of water.
This blank map of China includes the outlines of bordering nations and the Pacific Ocean.
This map of China shows all of the individual provinces labeled, along with bordering countries.
This map of China labels each of the provinces but does not show the bordering countries.


This black-and-white outline of China's flag can be used as a coloring page, hung up in a classroom, or simply printed out to show students what the country's flag looks like.
This printout has a full-color version of the Chinese flag on it.

Reading Comprehension

This interesting article is full of fascinating facts about China.
5th Grade
Students can get an idea of what it's like to go to school in China with this reading comprehension passage and questions.
5th Grade
Find out about China's early civilizations with this article. The worksheet includes reading comprehension questions, a vocabulary activity, and a writing prompt.
5th Grade
This interesting animal can be found in several countries in Asia, including China.
4th Grade
Giant pandas are native to China. Find out more about these interesting animals with this article.
5th Grade


Words in this puzzle are all related to the country of China. They are hidden vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Words and phrases include The Great Wall, Himalayas, Shanghai, tea, and more.
2nd through 5th Grades

Coloring Pages

This coloring page shows the extensive Great Wall of China. It's the perfect supplemental activity to use when teaching about China.
1st through 3rd Grades

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China Reading Comprehension Worksheet

China Worksheet Word Search

Ancient China Worksheet

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