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2nd Grade Spelling Unit B-17

Grade 2 spelling Unit B-17 feature words that have an /s/ sound. Word list: six, soft, face, fence, since, slice, ask, city, place, price, circle, and ice.

Second Grade - Unit 17 - Spelling Worksheets

Spelling List

This week's words have the /s/ sound, spelled with the letters C and S. Six, ice, ask, slice, since, soft, fence, face, city, and price.
2nd Grade
Common Core
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Students will fill in the blank with a word from their spelling list, provided. An answer key is included.
2nd Grade
Unscramble the words to make complete sentences. Example: "a pizza. of slice Nora ate" is written as "Nora ate a slice of pizza."
2nd Grade
The letters in this week's spelling words are out of order. Put them in the correct order to reveal each spelling word. Write the word on the line below.
2nd Grade
Find all of the unit seventeen words hidden in the puzzle. Words are hidden across and down only. (No diagonal words.)
2nd Grade
Practice writing this week's spelling words on the dotted lines. Write twice for double the practice!
2nd Grade
Students will practice typing out their spelling words with this printable spelling activity.
2nd Grade

Flashcards, Word Wheel, and Slider

Use this set of 15 printable spelling flashcards in your classroom for this week's spelling words. These spelling review cards are perfect for study time at home and at school.
2nd Grade
This easy-to-assemble word wheel can be used in your learning centers, for small group lessons, or for a 2-player spelling game!
2nd Grade
Print out this learning tool to create a cute bear-shaped word slider to study the 15 words for Spelling Unit B-17. (Click on the ALT button below for a full-color version.)
2nd Grade

ABC Order

Rewrite each group of words alphabetically. For example: "soft, ask, city, ice" is rewritten as "ask, city, ice, soft."
2nd Grade
Cut out this week's spelling words, put them in alphabetical order, and glue them onto the numbered grid at the top of the page.
2nd Grade
Student will practice their spelling words by writing them in alphabetical order.
2nd Grade

Spelling Test

This test form has primary-ruled, blank lines for kids to write on.
2nd Grade
Here are some sentences you can read when giving the end-of-week test. Words are listed in random order.
2nd Grade

Master List

This file contains all word lists in our spelling series for 2nd graders.

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The 18th unit in the 2nd grade spelling series contains words that end in -nk, -nd, and -ng. List: bank, sink, sang, stand, long, thank, blink, lungs, found, band, lend, and string.

Grade 2 Spelling Units (Full Index)

Using this link will give you access to any STW grade 2 series spelling units.

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Grade 2 Word Search Spelling

Grade 2 Spelling Flash Cards

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