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Cootie Catchers

Cut, fold and play with these educational origami cootie catchers. Topics include multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, fact/opinion, and states/capitals.

Cipher Wheels & Coded Messages

This set of PDFs contains cipher wheels that students can assemble. They then use the wheels to decode educational facts.

Crowns or Hats

We have printable headband crafts for each letter of the alphabet, numbers 1 thought 10, birthdays, holidays, and colors.

Diorama Projects

This page has a series of cut-and-glue diorama activities. Topics include communities, seasons, and holidays.

I have/ Who has

"I have / Who has" is a whole-class chain reaction card game that kids love to play.

Mystery Pictures (Math)

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with these mystery pictures.

Mystery Graph Art (Coordinate Grids)

Students plot points on coordinate grids to reveal mystery pictures.

Math Crossword Puzzles

To complete these crossword puzzles, students solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math problems.

Mini Books

Cut, staple, color, and read these phonics mini-books for young readers.

Notable People (Coloring Pages)

This page has coloring pages for dozens of famous people. Includes Buzz Aldrin, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Goodall, and many others. Hang the colored pictures on your classroom bulleting board, or use them as illustrations to compliment student reports.

Paper Bag Puppets

Design adorable paper bag puppets. Includes puppets for most major holidays, including Halloween, Christmas, Eater, and Valentine's Day.

Puzzle Match Math Games

These files have puzzles with math facts. Students match problems with answers. Great for learning centers!

QR Code Worksheets

Students use a QR code scanner on their iPad or smartphone to complete these worksheets.

Research Projects

Doing research is fun and easy with these printable project templates.

Scavenger Hunts

Students will learn lots of interesting facts with these classroom scavenger hunts. Topics include reptiles, human body, mammals, insects, frogs, butterflies, outer space and more.


Scoot! is a whole-class game in which students move around the room answering questions or solving math problems. This game can be used to teach math skills, phonics, grammar, science, or social studies.

Secret Code Math

Decipher the math problems using the cryptograph key. Then solve the problems.

Special Number

These printables are used to teach place value concepts. Worksheets range from 2-digit all the way up to 5-digit numbers.

Task Cards

This page has sets of math and ELA task cards for your classroom learning centers, for class games, or for your interactive whiteboards.

Theme Worksheets

These worksheets cover common themes taught in the elementary grades. Includes sea life, farms, zoo animals, and apples.

Word Search Puzzles

Find the hidden words in these word search puzzles.

Worksheet Generators

Create your own custom quizzes, math worksheets, and puzzles with STW's generator tools.

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