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Fifth Grade Spelling List E-7

List E-7's theme is plural nouns. List: monkeys, knives, batteries, addresses, families, potatoes, oxen, radios, loaves, puppies, thieves, wives, geese, tomatoes, bakeries, intestines, roofs, shelves, lenses, and pennies.

5th Grade - Unit 7 - Spelling Worksheets

Spelling List

Plural nouns are the focus of this spelling list. Words included: monkeys, loaves, wives, shelves, bakeries, alumni, roofs, criteria, addresses, intestines, pennies, batteries, geese, oxen, tomatoes, radios, thieves, knives, puppies, families, potatoes, and lenses.
5th Grade
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Printable Worksheets

Answer the twenty-five questions on this worksheet with spelling words.
5th Grade
Look for misspelled words in the sentences. Write corrections on the lines.
5th Grade
Can you complete the crossword using this week's spelling words? The clues should help you figure out where each word fits.
5th Grade
Unscramble the scrambled words from unit 7.
5th Grade
Practice writing each of the plural nouns two times.
5th Grade
Place all of the spelling words in the puzzle grid. Then add random letters to fill in the extra squares. Now ask a family member or classmate to solve your puzzle.
5th Grade
Search closely for plurals in this word hunt puzzle. They're all in there - hidden up, down, or diagonally.
5th Grade
This spelling activity contains 12 words from Unit E-7, which are words that are plural nouns. Each student will use a computer word processor to type sentences including each of the words provided.
5th Grade


Players take turns drawing a flash card from the deck, and then they ask each other to spell the word drawn. Works best when printed on card stock.
5th Grade

Skill Worksheets
Plural Nouns
(Not Specific to E-7)

This printable activity lists six spelling rules for forming plural nouns. After each, students are given nouns to pluralize.
3rd through 5th Grades
In this fun game, students move around the room to find task cards with singular nouns. Students must write the plural forms of the nouns shown on the cards.
2nd through 5th Grades

Alphabetical Order

The word list is broken up into 5 smaller lists. Your kids will alphabetize each mini-list.
5th Grade
This cut-and-glue worksheet only includes the basic words (#1-20).
5th Grade
Write all twenty-five spelling words in ABC order, starting with addresses and ending with wives.
5th Grade

Spelling Test

With this test template, you'll be able to quickly and easily correct your spelling tests.
5th Grade
Simply read these sentences when giving your weekly assessment.
5th Grade

Master Lists

Here are all word lists in our 5th grade spelling units.
5th Grade

See Also:

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The words for next week are: genius, advantage, capture, challenge, college, correction, culture, fortune, general, giraffe, hinge, initial, lotion, mansion, patient, precious, question, refrigerator, vacation, and vision. These words have /ch/, /sh/, and /j/ sounds.

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Noun Worksheets

This page has dozens of noun worksheets. Topics include singular/plural nouns, common/proper nouns, and collective nouns.

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5th Grade Spelling List Theme Plural Nouns Worksheet

5th Grade Spelling List Theme Plural Nouns Flashcards Activity Worksheet

5th Grade Spelling List Theme Plural Nouns Word Scramble Activity Worksheet

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