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5th Grade Spelling List E-15

This is the 15th unit in our 5th grade spelling series. Words in this unit have /k/ and /kw/ sounds. E-15 list: squid, quieter, quantity, chemical, quest, inquire, confusion, vacation, ache, squeeze, unique, quickly, echo, unequal, occupy, quality, squawk, magical, confident, quadrilateral, luckily, and cosmic.

Fifth Grade Spelling Worksheets - Unit 15

Spelling List

This week's spelling words all have words with the sounds /k/ and /kw/. Words on this list are: squid, inquire, magical, echo, confusion, squeeze, unequal, cosmic, quantity, unique, occupy, quieter, squawk, luckily, quality, confident, ache, quadrilateral, quickly, chemical, quest, and vacation.
5th Grade
Common Core
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Printable Worksheets

Answer questions about this week's spelling words. Identify the spelling word with it's given definition, answer phonics questions, and complete the sentences with your spelling words. Also included are bonus questions and an answer key.
5th Grade
Students will circle the spelling word in each sentence. If the word is spelled incorrectly, students will write the correct spelling on the line provided. An answer key is included.
5th Grade
See if your students can unscramble all of their spelling words.
5th Grade
Write each spelling word two times on this page. Students should be encourages to write in their neatest cursive or print handwriting.
5th Grade
Challenge your students to find each of their spelling words in the word-hunt puzzle.
5th Grade
Here's a fun page in which students make their own word puzzle. After hiding all 25 spelling words on the grid, they can exchange papers with a classmate and solve.
5th Grade
This printable spelling activity will challenge students' typing skills as they type a sentence for each of the 12 words on this page.
5th Grade


This PDF contains flash cards that students can use to practice this week's words.
5th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Spelling words are broken into smaller word groups. Students alphabetize each group.
5th Grade
Kids can write all of their spelling words in ABC order, starting with the word ache and ending with vacation.
5th Grade
Cut out the unit fifteen spelling words at the bottom of the worksheet. Then glue them on the numbered grid at the top of the page in alphabetical order.
5th Grade

Spelling Test

Here's a printable spelling test template with a picture of a squid on it.
5th Grade
Here is a list of 25 sentences you can read aloud to your students for their unit 15 spelling test.
5th Grade

Master Word Lists

Read through the full list of spelling words for units 1 through 30 in the 5th grade S.T.W. Spelling Series.
5th Grade
See also:
Spelling Unit E-16

Word list includes: bare, bear, flour, flower, hole, knight, night, peace, peddle, petal, piece, plain, plane, steal, steel, weather, whether, which, whole, and witch. These words are homophones.

Grade 5 Spelling Units

This page has links to all of the Grade 5 spelling units that include tests, puzzles, and worksheets.

Sample Worksheet Images

5th Grade Spelling Test

5th Grade Spelling Test Sentences

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