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Fifth Grade Spelling Unit E-8

In unit 8, students will learn to spell twenty-two different words with the /ch/, /sh/, and /j/ sounds. List: refrigerator, giraffe, fortune, college, general, question, lotion, precious, initial, capture, patient, hinge, correction, cherish, advantage, challenge, culture, mansion, vision, vacation, shambles, and genius.

Grade 5 - Unit 8 - Spelling Worksheets

Spelling List

Words for this week include: refrigerator, initial, culture, vacation, question, precious, capture, general, genius, college, lotion, vision, patient, challenge, fortune, cherish, correction, mansion, hinge, advantage, shambles, and giraffe. All words have the /j/, /sh/, or /ch/ sound.
5th Grade
Common Core
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Printable Worksheets

Answer each of the 25 questions on this PDF with a word from this week's spelling unit.
5th Grade
After reading each sentence, look for a misspelled word from your spelling list. Write the words on the blank lines on the right-hand side of the page.
5th Grade
Use the clues to help fill in the crossword with this week's spelling words. This is a great way to test understanding of the words' meanings and their spellings.
5th Grade
Figure out which spelling word is which on this word scramble activity.
5th Grade
This worksheet has blank lines so your students can write each word twice.
5th Grade
Students can create their very own WS puzzles. All they have to do is write their spelling words on the grid diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Then add extra letters in the unused spots.
5th Grade
Here's a basic wordsearch for your students to try.
5th Grade
Students will practice their typing and spelling skills with this printable activity. Step 1 is to type sentences with the spelling words in them. Step 2 is to proofread your work. Step 3 is to adjust the font and size of the text. Step 4 is to save or print the file according to the teacher's instructions.
5th Grade


Print the flash cards and cut them apart. Then use them for classroom activities, study sessions, or games.
5th Grade

Alphabetical Order

Put each set of spelling words in order alphabetically.
5th Grade
Cut out twenty spelling words and arrange them in alphabetical order. Then glue them down to the page.
5th Grade
Alphabetize your full spelling list. Start with the word advantage and end with vision.
5th Grade

Spelling Test

Template with 25 lines for your spelling post-test or pre-test.
5th Grade
If you're looking for sentences to read for your spelling test, this is the PDF for you.
5th Grade

Master Lists

This file has all 30 word lists for 5th grade spelling.
5th Grade
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Spelling Unit E-9

Word list includes: yacht, whistle, resign, plumber, lightning, lamb, knife, kneel, honorable, flight, crumb, condemn, climb, character, castle, calf, butcher, autumn, assignment, and rhythm. These are all words with silent letters.

Grade 5 Spelling (Full List)

This page has a complete listing of STW's spelling units.

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Spelling Grade 5 - Word Search

Grade 5 Spelling Worksheet

Spelling Worksheet for 5th Graders

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