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Hidden Pictures

These printable worksheets have "hidden picture" activities on them. Use them as puzzle for students, or incorporate them into a writing assignment.

Hidden Picture Worksheets

Hidden Pictures

Beach  FREE 
Check out the fun beach setting shown on this worksheet! Use the key at the bottom to help find the hidden pictures within the illustration.
Multiple Versions Available
Multiple Versions Available
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Farm  FREE 
Some of the items in this picture don't belong on the farm. Can your students find all of the hidden pictures?
Challenge your students to find the pictures hiding within this forest scene. A key is included to help.
This isn't your typical ocean scene. There are pictures hidden all around the bigger picture. See if your students can find all of them!
Is that a helmet or a turtle? That's just one example of the inventive ways objects are hidden in this worksheet. Can your students find them all?
There are 18 hidden images in this picture. Can your students find them all?

Hidden Pictures

This isn't just any space-themed picture. There are 18 hidden images throughout the illustration. Look for all of them!
This puzzle has a summer-themed scene. One child in playing in a sandbox, another is flying a kite, and a third child is on a swing. Challenge students to find hidden pictures.
Kindergarten to 3rd Grade
Do you see anything out of place in this winter scene? It might be one of the hidden pictures!
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Find the Hidden Pictures Worksheet

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