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Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku puzzle for kids and beginners. These puzzles are great for classroom teachers who like to put out logic puzzles and brain teasers for the kids who finish early. This page includes five tutorial worksheets that can teach you how to do sudoku puzzles. There are also printable puzzles for kids.

Sudoku Puzzles - Worksheets
Learn how to solve the soduku. Printable tutorial worksheet teaches you how to find all the numbers in a rows and columns.
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Tutorial worksheet shows you how to find all of the numbers in a three by three box.
Printable tutorial shows you how to find multiple missing numbers in rows and columns.
Practice finding multiple missing numbers in three by three boxes and rows.
Practice puzzle with some missing numbers. Much easier than a "regular" sudoku.
Another practice puzzle with missing numbers, slightly harder than "Let's Learn Sudoku E."
(Level A: Piece of Cake) Easy, printable sudoku puzzle for kids and beginners.
(Level A: Easy Cheesy) Simple, printable puzzle for kids.
(Level A: No Problem!) Nice and easy sudoku for kids to solve.
(Level B: Getting Tricky) For students who have mastered the super-easy "level a" sudokus.
(Level B: You can handle it!) Sudoku puzzles is at an easy-medium level.
When solving sudoku puzzles becomes too easy, try making your own on this blank grid.

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Sample Worksheet Images

Lets Learn Sudoku C Kids Puzzle Worksheet

Easy Printable Sudoku Puzzle for Kids and Beginners Worksheet A1

Sudoku Practice Finding Multiple Missing Numbers in Three by Three Boxes and Rows Worksheet

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