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Tangram Puzzles

These worksheets require students to use 4-inch tangram puzzle pieces. Basic level puzzles, for young students in Kindergarten or 1st grade, have the individual pieces marked. Advanced Level puzzles have no markings, for students in grades 2 and up.

Tangram Puzzle Worksheets

Tangram Puzzles

Use 4-inch tangram pieces to make the shapes shown. This file has both easy and challenging levels. Odd pages have the more challenging versions without lines and even pages have the outlines of the shapes for younger students.
1st through 6th Grades
English and Spanish Versions Available
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Use plastic tangram pieces to make a goose, a figure skater, a fox, a fir tree, and a gorilla.
1st through 6th Grades
With their puzzle pieces, students try to construct a penguin, a football punter, a lion, a candle, and a whale.
1st through 6th Grades
In this set, your pupils will be challenged to build a duck, a runner, a chameleon, a sailboat, and a fish.
Use all seven tans to make a chicken, a restaurant waiter, a monkey, a tea pot, then a crab.
1st through 6th Grades
Now we're constructing a stork, a reader,a kangaroo, a heart, and a seal.
1st through 6th Grades
On these worksheets, students use their 4" tangram set to make pictures of a swan, a playground slide, a giraffe, an apple, and a snail.
1st through 6th Grades
Colorful tan pieces can be used with these worksheets to make a cat, a kneeling child, a squirrel, a house, and a butterfly.
1st through 6th Grades
Arrange the tangram parts to make a camel, a child doing a handstand, a bear, a rocket, and a bat.
1st through 6th Grades
Here you have an ostrich, a person doing sit-ups, a beaver, a plane, and a shark.
1st through 6th Grades

Holiday Tangrams

With our Easter set, kids will make a bunny, a baby chick, a basket, and a tulip.
1st through 6th Grades
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Tangram Worksheet

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