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3rd Grade Spelling Unit C-16

Unit C-16 spelling for third grade has words with /j/, /ch/, /tch/ sounds. Word list: orange, porch, furniture, bridge, jacket, culture, capture, imaginary, courage, postage, catch, checkers, stretch, judge, large, arrange, and nature.

3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets - Unit 16

Spelling List

This week's words each have the /j/, /ch/, or /tch/ sound. Word list includes: orange, porch, catch, culture, stretch, checkers, postage, large, jacket, capture, bridge, judge, nature, arrange, and courage.
3rd Grade
Common Core
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First, read each sentence. Then circle the spelling word. If the word is written correctly, write the word CORRECT. If it is spelled incorrectly, write the corrected spelling on the line.
3rd Grade
Review spelling words from Unit C-16 with this printable crossword puzzle.
3rd Grade
Write each spelling word two times.
3rd Grade
On this worksheet the letters in each spelling word are mixed up. Unscramble the letters to reveal a spelling word.
3rd Grade
How many spelling words can you find in the word-hunt puzzle?
3rd Grade
Create your own word search that a family member or friend can solve.
3rd Grade
Students will use this printable activity to practice typing their spelling words.
3rd Grade

Flashcards and
Word Wheel

Print out this spelling activity on card stock. Students will take turns quizzing each other on this week's spelling words with this fun game.
3rd Grade
Play a fun classroom spelling game with these flash cards. Students take turns drawing cards and choosing a classmate to spell the word on the card.
3rd Grade

Alphabetical Order

Write all unit sixteen words alphabetically, starting with arrange and ending with whose.
3rd Grade
Arrange each group of spelling words so that they are in alphabetical order. Answer key is included.
3rd Grade
Cut out each spelling word. Put the words in alphabetical order, then paste them in the correct spots on the grid provided.
3rd Grade

Spelling Test

On this form, students will write each spelling word as her/his teacher reads it aloud.
3rd Grade
Here is a set of twenty sentences you can read aloud to your students for their spelling test.
3rd Grade

Master List

This file contains the complete collection of word lists for the 3rd grade spelling series.

See Also:

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Grade 3 spelling Unit C-17 contains words with th, sh, and wh. List: path, thought, shimmer, shelter, why, who, motion, delicious, ashamed, throat, when, where, what, position, threatened, social, and whale.

Spelling Level C (Full Index)

On this page, you can link to any unit in the STW third grade spelling series.

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