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3rd Grade Spelling Unit C-6

This week, students will learn to spell words with a silent-e at the end. Full spelling list: smile, pancake, globe, flame, note, arrive, beware, confuse, become, stripe, skate, cube, rose, white, and choke.

Spelling Worksheets - Third Grade - Unit 6

Spelling List

On this list, students will learn about words that have a long vowel sound because of a silent-e ending. Word list: smile, arrive, rose, globe, white, stripe, flame, choke, skate, beware, pancake, cube, become, confuse, and note.
3rd Grade
Common Core
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About half of these sentences have spelling mistakes in them. Students need to find the errors and correct them.
3rd Grade
All twenty of the spelling words for Unit 6 are within this crossword puzzle.
3rd Grade
For this activity, your students will unscramble the spelling words.
3rd Grade
Have your students look for hidden words in the wordsearch.
3rd Grade
Students in your class can make their own word puzzles. Afterwards, they can exchange puzzles with a friend and solve each other's.
3rd Grade
Neatly and clearly write each spelling word two times on the blank lines.
3rd Grade
Students will practice typing skills using a word processor. In this activity, students will type sentences that contain their spelling words.
3rd Grade

Flashcards and
Word Wheel

Print out this activity on card stock. Instruct your students to play the game in pairs, spinning the word wheel to practice their spelling words.
3rd Grade
These flashcards are great for peer study groups, educational spelling games, and classroom instruction.
3rd Grade

Alphabetical Order

Alphabetize each group of short-e words. (This activity includes challenge and review words.)
3rd Grade
Here's a cut-and-glue ABC order worksheet. (This version does NOT include challenge and review words.)
3rd Grade
In this activity, students will write out a complete list of their spelling words so that the words are arranged in alphabetical order.
3rd Grade

Spelling Test

This is your spelling assessment form for this week.
3rd Grade
Here is a list of twenty sentences you can read aloud to your students as they take their spelling test.
3rd Grade

Master List

This file contains the complete collection of word lists for the 3rd grade spelling series.
3rd Grade
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Spelling Unit C-7

Next week your students can focus on words with the /oi/ sound. Word list: toys, noise, boy, annoy, joyful, destroy, loyal, voyage, point, coins, join, broil, soil, voice, and avoid.

Spelling Level C (Full Index)

On this page, you can link to any unit in the STW third grade spelling series.

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