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Spelling Theme Unit: Simple Machines

This is a third grade themed unit all about simple machines. The words in this spelling unit include: machine, simple, resistance, motion, energy, ramp, inclined plane, compound, science, wheel, work, load, pulley, lever, force, wedge, screw, power, axle, and effort.

3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets - Simple Machines

Spelling List

This simple machines-themed spelling list has the following words: machine, screw, resistance, inclined plane, lever, wheel, power, axle, motion, compound, pulley, wedge, effort, science, load, ramp, simple, force, energy, and work.
3rd Grade
Common Core
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Worksheets and Activities

In this printable activity, students must decide whether the underlined word is spelled correctly or incorrectly. If it is spelled incorrectly, they must write the correct spelling on the line provided.
3rd Grade
Can you find all of your spelling words hidden in this word search puzzle? Words are hidden diagonally, vertically, and horizontally.
3rd Grade
You can create your own word search puzzle with this handy template. Hide your spelling words in the grid, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Fill in the rest of the grid with random letters, and give your puzzle to a friend to solve.
3rd Grade
In this printable spelling worksheet, unscramble each of the spelling words.
3rd Grade
Write each of your spelling words two times so you become more familiar with how they are spelled in this printable spelling exercise.
3rd Grade
Students will type their spelling words into complete sentences using this printable typing activity and a word processor.
3rd Grade

Flashcards and Word Wheel

Printable flashcards you can use with this simple machines-themed spelling unit for third grade.
3rd Grade
Students will take turns spinning the spelling word wheel and quizzing each other on this week's spelling words.
3rd Grade

ABC Order

Cut out each word and glue it into the chart so that all your spelling words are in alphabetical order.
3rd Grade
Put each group of spelling words into alphabetical order.
3rd Grade
Write out all your spelling words on the lines provided so that they appear in alphabetical order.
3rd Grade

Spelling Test

Here's a template for you to use when you give your students this week's spelling test.
3rd Grade
Here are twenty sentences you can read out loud to your students as they take their themed spelling test.
3rd Grade

Master List

Here is a PDF file with a master list of all spelling words in our third grade spelling series.
3rd Grade

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