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Multiplying by 9s

Use these printables to help your students master basic multiplication facts with 9 as a factor. Also find sheets with all facts up to 9s.

Multiplying by 9: Worksheets

Multiplication by
9s Only

Learn how to quickly and easily multiply by nines using the fingers on your hands!
3rd and 4th Grades
Common Core
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Multiple Versions Available
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On this printable, students begin by skip counting from 0 to 90 by 9s. Then they fill in a scrambled multiplication table with 9s. After that, they compare numbers and complete a magic multiplication wheel.
3rd and 4th Grades
Solve for each multiplication fact with a factor of 9. Then color according to the key. The finished picture is a friendly, brown dog.
3rd and 4th Grades
Have students practice multiplying by 9 with these task cards. They can be used for various games and activities, such as scavenger hunts and peer practice.
3rd and 4th Grades
One way to play with this puzzle is to race to make a match. Give two or more students a set of multiplication fact and answer cards. Have them race to see who can correctly match all of the cards first.
3rd through 5th Grades
Children will multiply by 9s to complete this printable multiplication activity.
3rd and 4th Grades
Cut out the pattern and use it to make an origami cootie catcher with basic facts with 9 as a factor.
3rd and 4th Grades
Use these cards to review multiplication facts with 9 as a factor. Includes flash cards, a self-test and a sorting mat.
3rd and 4th Grades
Cut out the apple and math fact strips. Weave the strips through the apple. Review multiplication facts with 8 as a factor. For best results, print this file on thick card paper.
3rd and 4th Grades

Skip Count by 9s

Skip count by 9s. Then answer the related word problems and critical thinking questions.
1st through 3rd Grades
Use the number line as an aid to skip-count by nines. The number lines go up to 99.
1st through 3rd Grades
Count by nines with this space alien-themed worksheet.
1st through 3rd Grades
Count by 9s and write the missing numbers on the penguins' bellies. Up to 225.
1st through 3rd Grades
Count by 9s and write the missing numbers on the colorful balloons.
1st through 3rd Grades

All Facts
0s through 9s

This practice worksheet has facts with factors through 9s, up to 9x10.
3rd and 4th Grades
This page has problems all basic multiplication facts, 0 through 9, up to 9x12.
3rd and 4th Grades
This is a timed assessment with 50 questions on it. Check to see how many your students can answer quickly and accurately. Facts through 12, up to 9x12.
3rd and 4th Grades
These multiplication wheels contain all facts through 9s, up to 9x9.
3rd and 4th Grades
Cut out the squares at the bottom. Match the facts with the products. Then glue them onto the page.
3rd and 4th Grades
Determine whether each problem in correct or incorrect. If it's correct, color the box green. If it's not correct, write the correct answer.
3rd and 4th Grades
Look carefully at each domino and multiply both halves together. Up to 9x9.
3rd and 4th Grades
This bingo game has 30 different boards and a set of calling cards with facts up to 9x9.
3rd and 4th Grades
This memory match game has facts up through the 9s.
3rd and 4th Grades
Unscramble the numbers to make complete multiplication facts. (Does not include any facts with 10s, 11s, or 12s.)
3rd and 4th Grades
Complete the number bond pictures.
3rd and 4th Grades
This is a drill worksheet with many facts up to 9x9. Color the boxes according to the key.
3rd and 4th Grades
This is a printable space-themed board game. The question cards have multiplication facts up to 9x9.
3rd and 4th Grades
Complete the math problems and color according to the key to make a picture of a sea monster.
3rd and 4th Grades
This mystery picture has an orange clownfish. Up to 9x9.
3rd and 4th Grades
In this mystery picture, students will complete the facts to create a hot air balloon.
3rd and 4th Grades
Cock-a-doodle-doo! Here's a rooster mystery picture that kids will love.
3rd and 4th Grades
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Printable Multiplication Worksheets

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