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Printable Word Walls

On this page you'll find word wall words, and word wall headers for your classroom. We have Dolch word cards, Fry Instant Sight Word cards, colors, numbers, and many other sets!

Printable Word Walls

Dolch Sight Words

This list has all of the pre-primer Dolch sight words.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Common Core
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This file has all of the primer-level Dolch sight words for your word wall.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
These word wall cards have level-1 Dolch sight words.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Sight words for level-2 Dolch are all included on this PDF.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
These word wall cards have level 3 sight words.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
Complete your word wall with these noun sight word cards.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Fry Instant
Sight Words

This file has the first 100 sight words in the Fry list.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Here's you will find word wall cards for the second hundred Fry words.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
From this file, you can print out the third hundred Fry sight words.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
The fourth hundred Fry word cards can be found here.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
Here's the PDF file with the next hundred Fry sight words.
2nd through 4th Grades

Word Sets

Color Words  FREE 
This word wall file has color words: red, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, gray, white, and black.
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
This word wall card set has Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
These cards have months of the year (January through December) on them. Use them in a pocket chart or above your classroom calendar.
Each card has a coin or a dollar bill, with the amount, and the written words.
Kindergarten to 3rd Grade
This word wall has number words for zero through twenty-five, as well as thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, and one hundred.
This word wall set includes the six most commonly taught question words: who, what, where, when, why, and how.
Kindergarten to 4th Grade
This file has cutouts for each of the four main sentence types: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. You can use them for a word wall or even as part of an anchor chart.
1st through 5th Grades
This word wall set has basic two-dimensional shapes, such as square, circle, rectangle, trapezoid, and more.

Blank Template

This template has blank, rectangular cards for word walls or pocket charts in seven different colors.
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Teaching Tools

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Word Wall Pictures

Word Wall Cards

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Printable Word Wall

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