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Printable Sticker Charts for Kids

Print out these sticker charts to track your kids' behavior, academic progress, reading, or homework assignments.

Printable Sticker Charts

Small Charts

Fill in all 25 sticker spaces on this chart to track reading, homework, behavior, or anything at all.  This chart includes a colorful picture of a tyrannosaurus rex.
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This color, 24-box chart features a picture of a dachshund.
This black-and-white, 24-box sticker chart features a picture of a dachshund.
Kids can try to get a safety, field goal, touchdown, or a win on this football-themed progress chart.
This hockey progress chart reads, "Don't let anyone keep you from reaching your goal."
Go for the goal!  Students try to win 25 stickers to fill each of the squares on this soccer-themed progress chart.
This winter-themed sticker chart features a snowman and twenty-five boxes for stickers to be applied.
Kids try to "Hop to 25" on this frog and music themed sticker chart.  Pictures frogs playing musical instruments.

Monthly Sticker Charts

This chart allows students place stickers on a clock with Father Time and Baby New Year.
Students place stickers on the Valentine hearts to keep track of their homework assignments or reading.
Place stickers on the shamrocks that decorate this chart.
The April sticker chart has a picture of raindrops and an umbrella.
The May sticker chart has a picture of spring flowers.
This sticker chart shows a happy kid celebrating the end of the school year.
Flags and fireworks celebrate the 4th of July on this sticker chart.
Place stickers on each of the twenty starfish to keep track of student accomplishments.
Place a sticker on each window on the school house for each homework completed or book that was read.
Place stickers on the jack-o-lantern to track student reading or homework assignments.
Place stickers on the turkey's feathers to track student rewards, homeworks, or books.
This sticker chart has 20 ornament stickers to track homework assignments, reading, or other items.

Full-Page Charts

This chart features a dog with the words "You can do it!"
This chart features a monkey with the words "Monkey Mania!"

Reading Charts

This 25-box chart includes a picture of a boy sitting on a pile of books.
This 25-box chart includes a picture of a girl in the library.
Track the amount of time you spend reading each night.
1st through 4th Grades
Write the names of the books you read on this reading log.
Kindergarten to 5th Grade
Place a sticker on a planet each time you read a book. This is a full-color, full-page chart.

Music Practice Charts

Students can use this chart to record how many minutes they practice each day.  Chart pictures an octopus playing multiple band instruments.
Students can use this goal worksheet to show how many minutes they practice each day.  Chart pictures an elephant playing the tuba.
Students can use this sheet to record how many minutes they practice their instrument each day.  Chart has a picture of a student playing a violin.
Students can use this sheet to keep track of the number of minutes they practice each night.  Chart has a picture of musical notes.

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Printable Sticker Chart

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Printable Sticker Chart

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