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Awards for PreK and Kindergarten

Young children in preschool and kindergarten learn special skills like learning letters, counting to 100, memorizing their home address, and writing their names.  The award certificates on this page can be printed out to recognize their progress with these skills.

See also: Printabe Awards for elementary school children.

Printable Kindergarten and Preschool Awards

Pre-K and K Math Awards

Print this certificate for children who can count up to 10.
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Can your students count to 50? If so, give them this fun award!
Print this certificate for children who can count all the way up to one hundred.
Here's a certificate for being able to recite the seven days of the week.
When a child can recite all 12 months of the year, you can give them this colorful award.
Do your students know a trapezoid from a parallelogram? If so, here's a certificate for them!

Clothing Awards

For being able to tie shoe laces independently.
For being able to fasten buttons.
For being able to zip a zipper.

Pre-K and K
Special Day Awards

This is a cute award to give to a young child who has lost a tooth.
Send this certificate home with a student who has been a special helper.
When a child acts as a special friend to a classmate, reward them with this certificate.
Certificate to award to students who participate in show and tell

Pre-K and K ELA Awards

This award is for pupils who are able to correctly sing the alphabet song.
Here's a prize for students who can write all of the letters in the alphabet.
Use this one when a child is able to print his or her full first and last name.
When children master their sight words (snap words), give them a copy of this certificate.

Pre-K and K Memory Awards

For being able recite a parent's phone number.
For knowing the address of your home.
For distinguishing between left and right.
For being able to log into the computer.
When your kids have mastered the colors of the rainbow, honor them with this certificate.
Pre-K through 2nd Grade
This one is for little ones who have memorized their birthday.
Pre-K through 2nd Grade

Kindergarten Reading Assessment

Ten oral questions for students to determine if they are ready for books. Includes identifying characters with pictures, identifying the front cover, and left-to-right reading skills.
Pre-K and Kindergarten
See also:
Printable Awards (Elementary Grades)

Printable certificates and awards for math, writing, reading, spelling, and more.

Certificate Images

Kindergarten Award Certificates (Count to 100)

Printable Kindergarten Award Certificates

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