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This page is filled with dozens of free elementary school science projects, demonstrations, experiments, and activities.  Perfect for teachers to spice up their science instruction, parents who want to amuse bored kids, and homeschool families who are searching for simple projects that teach important concepts.  All of the projects are easy to do, and require materials you probably already have in your home or classroom.

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Dissolve an egg's shell with an acid (vinegar); See the yolk inside!
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An egg sinks in freshwater - make it float by adding salt to adjust the buoyancy.
Sink tissue paper underwater and it comes up dry!  Density demonstration.
Simple way to make and observe moon craters in your classroom.
Drop raisins in 7-Up and watch them dance!  Buoyancy and density activity.
Classic food coloring celery stalk experiment shows how water travels through a plant.
Cut, sort, and glue the pictures.  States of matter: solid, liquid, gas.

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